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  1. maria 45

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    Have been looking on your forum and just wondering what was lipotrim and what happens when you go to the chemist? Does it cost alot Had been on celebrity slim which i also got from a chemist but come off it after 10 weeks and gettin rid of a stone and a half but have put every single pound on so was just wondering really thanks all xoxox
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    Lipotrim ~ now maintaining hopefully
    well basically you go in and the pharmacist gives you all the details wats involved etc you must make an appointment well i did anyway to have urself weighted. you get a dvd to watch which you must give a deposit for but this is returned. they will give you a health questionaire to answer and ask you how much you want to lose etc if your bmi is in the unhealthy range you will be allowed on lipotrim. you come in again with the dvd you have watched you get weighted again and given the shakes of your choice from atrawberry, vanilla chocolate and chicken soup in the following weeks you can try flapjacks; peanut and coconut flavour. thats about it.
  4. maria 45

    maria 45 Member

    thank you for that what is the price off it for a week or for what ever your allowed xox
  5. DoorBundle

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    Lipotrim costs vary depending on area and also depending on if you are doing it off your own back or if you've been given medical orders.

    Generally, its £36 for women (x3 female pouches a day) and £51 for me (4x female pouches a day)

    As I've implied, theres two types of formula, male and female. They contain slightly different amounts of calories to reflect different calorific demands between the genders. I imagine for ease of logistics however, most pharmacists stock just the female formula and ask men to have more of the female formula to compensate.
  6. pestydebz

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    Go to lipotrim website and watch the vid online saves time tell them you seen it and you can start that day
    Its the best tfr well its the only one i tried and its fab in the 10 weeks you were on celeb diet you could have lost stones and stones at my weight loss 10 weeks will be 4ish stones and some lose more on LT hope all goes well and well done for finding LT

    debz x
  7. maria 45

    maria 45 Member

    Thank you for all the replies will look into it pay day tomorrow so you never know just a bit gutted that i paid for celeb slim for 10 weeks when i could have been on LT for 10 weeks and that would have been the weight gone but a lass come off it thought i knew better thought i could control what i eat BUT as we all know it dont work like that and i put it all back on apart from 1 pound! Am giving slimfast a try have lost 2pounds since tuesday but slimfast dont give you that bit extra to fill you up so have got a chemist just up the road that does LT so will see what my mind is thinking and might give it a go will keep in touch xoxo
  8. Elle-Emm

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    It's a great idea to investigate your options, think of it that way :)

    Now you know you can do this kind of total food replacement diet (TFR) then Lipotrim sounds like it could be a good solution for you.

    Good luck!
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