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a little down


Queen of the Damned
Ah big :hug99: honey - it's normal to feel down after an op - are you taking care of yourself??
Hi Serenity

Don't feel down, people on mins are thinking of you and sending you plenty of these. :hug99::hug99::hug99:

Once you are up and about you will be able to get back on track, so hang on in there.


I Can Do This!
Aw Andy, we'll cheer you up!! :D:D

Have you got any family/friends you can persuade to come and visit? How long have you to stay home?

You and I know the weight will shift when you're up and about again. Just concentrate on getting better. xx


Surgically happy.
Thanl you everyone - I am a little better today (especially as the dulcolax finally worked - I just can't go 9 days again!). That has helped a little on the weight front - so hopefully when I get up tomorrow I'll only have put on a couple of lbs.

I've had no reply from my LLC regarding what I want to do with RTM (I want to move on 2 week) so I suspect they'll wait till I pop in tomorrow - won't be best pleased if that is the case. I can't call them as they're never in when I call and they never answer answerphone messages.

I'm doing my best to take care of myself but rtm has gone out the window and I'm just a bit of a mess really. I'm off the pain meds (since they made the digestion issues worse!), and I feel like I could do more but know i can't if that makes sense - I went for a short walk and I'm knackered again.

BL, thanks for those lovely rat pics -:)
I know exactaly how you feel Andy, I just want to wear my normal jeans again and not these flipping joggers.xx

Chin up mate soon be back on our feet.xx
you'll soon be back to normal andy
we're all here for you!
daisy x


Surgically happy.
Thank you both xx

Wish me luck - tomorrow morning I go to my weigh in and ask if I can skip weeks 6 and 7 of rtm (because I've been unable to do it this week and I think it will be healthieer for me to skip to week 8).

I emailed my LLC but got no reply, which is upsetting to me.

I expect them to say no, and if that is the case it's likely I'll withdraw from the rest of the programme as I feel it would be detrimental for me to do weeks 6 and 7, when I've had to pretty much do week 11 this week, to try to recover from my op).

My head is all messed up :(

I've had all this crap to deal with, from losing weight, returning to f**d, then the wait for the op, the op, recovery, etc. It's caused me to pretyt much get knocked sideaways,
I might add too Andy, depression after surgery is quite - no, make that EXTREMELY common....it should pass in a few days. Anesthesia drugs are the most intense sedatives anywhere - they have to be in order to perform the procedures obviously, so it is no surprise we come out of it down.

I have had over a dozen major surgerieis in my life. And each one, i woke up in recovery crying - but not in pain. Its just a normal physical response to it all....but as the drugs leave your system, your old you will start to shine through again, so please don;t worry about these feelings now.

You'll be right as rain soon.

Hey Andy

Sorry you are feeling down, but it's understandable after whatyou've been through.
Interesting you say you've had all this crap from losing weight.
A few weeks ago you were feeling very positive about that aspect.
I hope you will again soon.
At the moment your body and mind is putting all its' energy into recovery - none left over to make you feel good yet.
Speedy recovery Andy. Remember you were planning for your rats in case you didn't make it? Well, here you are- result !!
hope everything will look brighter soon, Andy!!!!:clap:


Surgically happy.
Thank you :)

I had my wi this morning 2.2lbs put on, which I'm not worried about. I got to go for a walk in the sun. I may actually go back out for a walk if I feel up to it.

My LLC's helper said she saw no problem with me skipping to week 8, so I'm sort of doing week 8 now and will do week 9 from Thursday. By the end of rtm I should be exercising!

I'm seeing a mate tomorrow - and if it's as nice as it is today, we'll go for a walk/sit in the park. So I feel a little less isolated!
ooh, i love going for walks in the park!!! Hope that the weather will stay good for you!!!


Surgically happy.
Thanks Susan, hope you're doing really well!

Not doing too marvellously just now. The media started reporting last night that Northern Rock will be broken up and sold this year. I work there and I don't think I can cope with going through the same thing again. We had a year of uncertaintly last time - and could have 8 to 12 months this time. I also need to save a serious amount of cash now, to have a chance of keeping my flat when it happens. I'm taking the pessimistic view that this time, we're all going to be made redundant. It feels safer to do that than to hope.

I'll be looking at a 50% paycut (there is no work up here to begin with, let alone work that pays what I earn). I can just survive like that, if I can find that work quickly enough. Unfortunately, there is virtually no work up here for what I do - and I'd have hundreds of people chasing the few jobs there are.

But I have my health, my life, and I'll be ok. I am quitting LL from thursday though (I have enough packs to finish rtm on my own and I can't justify spending even another £66 on it, not when I am having to work out how to live on £25 a week for food and household goods.).


Making it all add up
Andy, really sorry to hear your news. Doesn't necessarily mean the worse, you may well find that the business is bought by a competitor & you keep your job, always a chance.

Good luck going it alone, I know you'll be fine but keep in touch.
Fingers crossed for you mate....but try not to expect the worst. That generally brings the worst. ;)

When we were all made redundant from Norwich Union, we all thought we would struggle to find jobs.

There are LOADS of jobs in the financial/insurance industry....I ahve been spoilt for choice....so try not too fear that too.

It's one thing not to set your sights too high - but try not to set them too low either - self fulfilled prophecy's and all - they happen every day. ;)

Good luck!

(Your cost of RTM should have gone down by now, and if you are in week 8 or 9 I would have thught it's be about £33 by now? Or is it still £49? I can't remember.

Be careful mate. You have seen how difficult it has been just in the week after your surgery going it on your own.

Just be cautious.

Good luck all around to you!!



Surgically happy.
I only have 4 weeks of RTM left - so a total of £66 but I just can't justify paying for packs that will be thrown away (I already have the packs I need).

Newcastle is a bit of a blackspot - I'll be looking at taking a job that pays 14 or 15k a year, for what I can do. And my fixed rat mortgage ends in April, with no chance of a remortgae so I'll be at the mercy of hatever the svr is by then - I expect my mortgage to go up by a min of £250 a month.

It is the flat that is hamstringing me - if I rented I could look countrywide for work - but I'm tied to it with no way of ever selling it, which means I'm stuck in a job market which is hemmoraging workers.

I'll be ok - I remind myself that there are billions of peope who'd love to swap with me (least of all anyone who has died in Mexico recently from Swine flu). It's uncertaintly that worries me the most tbh. If I KNEW what was going to happen, I'd find it easier to put a plan in place.

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