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A little love needed :(


"The Stig" Pig
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It's only 7.20am but I am having a God awful day already. I am read to just go sit in a corner and cry I am that stressed out. :cry: I can't be bothered having to think about 1/3 superfree etc and just want to have buttered toast and chocolate. UGH!! I hate being a grown up sometimes! I would love to not have to worry about people/things for just 1 day but sadly that's not going to happen :(. I'd normally go speak to my mum to distract myself but her and my dad have gone on holiday to literally the other side of the world so I can't do that.

Sorry for this self indulgent post but I don't want to sabbotage myself and thought you guys might help keep me on the straight and narrow!! :cry::sigh::cry::sigh::cry:
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Aww bless you what is it they say
buttered toast doesn't taste as being slim feels?....Something like that anyway

Don't give up you will only be angry with yourself later ..you have however Inadvertantly made me feel a bit better tho cos I was starting to think I was the only sabateour ( how do you spell that lol ?)

So take pleasure that your post has eased the concience of another toast fiend and fill up on the good feeling that brings xx

Hope you manage to resist hon xx
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7:20 is far too early to be having a bad day, what's up?

I agree eating buttered toast & choc isn't going to help. There is a white bread you could have as a hex but I can't remember which it is :rolleyes: & you can have choc but include it in your syns for today.

I hope by 'telling' us you feel a little bit better & things aren't really as bad as you think.


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if you want choc spread on toast then you can......thats what healthy extras and syns are for. i have 2 slices with choc spread and a banana on top, blooming gorgeous. there is no reason why you can't enjoy the things you love with just a tiny bit of modification. look how fab you are doing, you really dont want to undo that great work for some bread and butter do you? really?? of course not.
i hope your day is going better, keep pushing through cos its worth it :)


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Ok- so today you have identified a real link between getting stressed and craving food.

Take a positive from the day so far and realised that you have learned a little bit more about yourself.

I really hope you feel a bit better now. If you managed to NOT eat, then try and work out what you did instead and use this in the future when faced with similar problems. If you ate, then give yourself a hug, accept that you must have really needed it and DO NOT beat yourself up about it- this will just lead to more negativity and overeating.

I really hope you feel better, mate- lots of cyber hugs coming your way ***HUGS****



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Hi Piggy, that's early to be so stressed! I really hope you're feeling a bit better now. Lots of good replies and I haven't got much to add, just wanted to send you a (((Big hug))) XXX


"The Stig" Pig
S: 13st7lb C: 11st6.4lb G: 9st7lb BMI: 28.4 Loss: 2st0.6lb(15.13%)
thanks everyone!! I managed to resist! I had Scrambled egg and ham and then a whole punnet of strawberries so I did stuff myself, but with the right things :)

Thank you all so much again


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