A little slimming world reminder!


i love minimins me :)
I saw this online and it struck a chord with me, so I thought I would share :)

Sometimes we all need to take stock and have a closer look at what we are doing. Whilst we might think we are being little ‘Weight Loss Angels’ we could in fact have become our own saboteurs without realising it. Slowly but surely, healthy-living ruining habits can creep back into our lives without us noticing…and before we know it, we find ourselves stepping on the scales each week and maintaining – or even gaining weight – without understanding why. There is nothing more demotivating than thinking that you are doing all of the right things and not getting the results you want and deserve! So this next little ditty is dedicated to all of those trying to make weight changes; yes, it is written in a Slimming World context (not by me, but stolen by me – and goodness only knows where it originated!) but I think it makes a nice point for us all…enjoy!

THIS IS THE STORY OF IDA NOWHY…I stayed the same this week!

Ida was really disappointed this week having maintained after ‘such a good week’. She couldn’t understand – her Food Diary was perfect! Ten syns per day… maximum! Let’s take a closer look…

We start off with Wednesday – the day after weigh-in, which does count, unlike the night of group which is known as ‘treat night!’. Forgetting the pile of cheese and crackers, the large glass of wine and the piece of carrot cake from the night before, she gets out of bed really focussed on the week ahead! So how does the rest of her day go?

Ida has her normal breakfast of branflakes, milk and a banana. She tips them into the bowl, and then thinks ‘I’d better just check the weight of them – I want to get a few pounds off this week!’. She puts them on the scales to find they weigh 1.5oz. ‘That’s my first Healthy Extra B choice,’ she thinks, taking out the excess and unconsciously popping them in her mouth.
As she puts the milk away she spots an open carton of orange juice and decides to have a small glass whilst making a boiled egg for her daughter’s breakfast. When clearing up the dishes, Ida spies two left over soldiers. ‘I can’t remember the last time I had REAL butter!’ she thinks, and into her mouth they go!

After breakfast it’s a trip into town shopping. Armed with a Hi-fi Bar, just in case temptation strikes, she sets off. Her daughter gets restless in the buggy and Ida opens her a packet of crisps to keep her quiet. And she ends up testing a couple herself – just for freshness!

Lunchtime comes and the shopping trip is not done yet – there’s still money left on Ida’s credit card! And as she knows she’ll be a while she decides to grab something from Marks and Spencer’s healthy count on us range as ‘it’s bound to be low on Syns!’ Spoilt for choice, Ida scans the range. She’s already decided to go ‘Original’ today and spots a Hoisin duck sandwich. ‘That’s a great choice… the bread will be my second Healthy Extra B choice!’ she thinks. She buys it as a meal deal, along with a diet coke and a packet of salt and vinegar crisps – to eat later.

Later on, Starbucks beckons and Ida stops for a coffee. ‘No cake for me though!’ she say, savouring the skinny latte she’s treated herself to thanks to her second Healthy A choice! – there’s no syrup of course! As she takes the weight off her feet she congratulates herself for not needing the ‘emergency Hi-fi’ whilst out today.

Back at home after shopping, she makes cakes with her daughter. She resists the fairy cakes when they come out of the oven….. but CAN’T resist licking the wooden spoon!!
She feeds her daughter early – a chicken nugget and two chips remain on the plate – and they don’t go in the bin!!

Dinnertime comes – a nice juicy steak, fresh salad and a filling jacket potato. She weighs her 8oz jacket potato which is a Healthy B choice and puts a spoonful of Quark in it. A tablespoon of Hellman’s Light Mayo goes on the salad – ‘only 2.5 Syns! she says, ‘my first today!’ Her hubby prefers mashed potato with his. She wouldn’t dream of eating that it herself, but she does just taste it to check it contains the right amount of butter and milk!

Dessert for Ida is a Müller Light yoghurt. Hubby has sponge pudding and custard. ‘It just doesn’t bother me,’ Ida says, licking the spoon she used to stir the custard!
By 9.30pm Ida fancies a ‘little something else’. Remembering the crisps she picked up with the meal deal, she checks the Syn value and finds they’re only 7 Syns. ‘Only 9.5 Syns today’ she thinks, ‘that’s a perfect day!’

How did YOU feel the day went? How many Syns do they think Ida really had?
The actual amount is 76.5 syns…
2.5 for 0.5 oz branflakes
2.5 for orange juice 125ml
4 for eggy soldiers
1 for a couple of crisps
12.5 for a sandwich (6 syns can be deducted if using bread as HEB)
8.5 for a Grande latte from Starbucks
4 for cake mixture
16 for a jacket potato (HEB already used which she forgot!) (2 syns per oz)
7.5 for mayo (it was a heaped tablespoon not level!)
3 for a chicken nugget
3 for two chips
3 for a spoonful of mash
2 for a spoonful of custard
7 for a packet of crisps

That’s not even counting the extra 40 plus Syns from the night before – and there are still six more days to go!

Just to put this into perspective, those 76.5 Syns are the equivalent of an average portion of Chicken Tikka Masala, Pilau rice, 1 naan bread, two pints of beer, and two small vegetable samosas…I’m sure we’d all know if we had eaten that lot!
The moral of the story…don’t forget all those hidden syns[/URL])

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Great reminder- I am certainly guilty of most of the above!


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That's pretty shocking! Really wasn't expecting it to be 76.5 syns...no more sneaky slices of garlic sausage for me!!


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My consultant read out a story very similar to this if not the same one at group a few weeks ago. If it wasnt this one it was identical May have been a few different choices of foods but the message is always the same. It never gets old :) Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.


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The scary thing is it's so easily done. Especially when you're weak when it comes to mayo and crisps! Does make you think though


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i have certainly noticed these habits creeping in


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I've read similar ones I think the one I read was ida beensogood.

It's so true though about keeping check on those hidden syns. Checking my food diary the other day I had forgotten to syn a small slice of chocolate cake at work for someone's birthday.

When you had a busy day its easily done.


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A good reminder, I'm certainly guilty of some of these


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fantastic, and guilty as charged m'lud! Im always nibbling crusts and things that the kids leave. Will deffo be more vigilant after readin this!