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A little unsure - can anyone help?

Hi there,

Im new to these boards and wanted to get some advice from all you great people. You all are truely amazing.

At the moment Im about 15 and a half stone. Im getting married in September next year. I have my dress bought but I know I wont be happy unless I loose a serious amount of weight.

Now the question is if I do CD starting in January until about March (dont really want to do it for too long). How much would I loose?


If I do weight watchers between now and up to August next year how much could I loose then?

Sorry for all the questions but just trying to make a decision.

Thanks :D
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Well with CD SS you can lose 1 stone a month, I don't know about WW.

Best of luck!


Serena A

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If you stuck to CD SS then as Lostris said you can expect to lose around 3 stone in those three months (and carry on at a fast rate if you stuck with it for longer).

With WW you could lose an average of 2lb per week so over the 8 months you could technically lose around 4.5 - 5 stone although I have known many work colleagues who have done well on WW for the first couple of stone and then it slows down a lot for them. I'm not knocking it at all though as it fits in with real life loads better than CD.

From personal experience I would say that if you've tried and failed on a few diets before then give CD a try. If not then go with WW.

Good luck whatever you decide x


Personal Trainer
it depends how dedicated you are mate ...people do tend to slow down with WW ....but thats not a bad thing :)
Thanks for the reply. I guess like everyone Im afraid that the weight will fly back on if I did CD!

I just want it gone you know...I think slower is better but Id love to wake up skinny!:8855:

Serena A

Can't think of a title
I have to say since starting CD it almost feels that way! Unfortunately you also wake up with no social life :D:D

By the way you don't regain weight any quicker after a vlcd as opposed to a more conventional diet, the science behind it advises your metabolism doesn't slow down any more or less - it's just a case of making sure you don't return to your old eating habits whichever method you use x


Personal Trainer
if you want a quick loss..then CD would be an idea....BUT...unless you are totally dedicated like the people are on here...and stick to the maintenance afterwards...or the feeding whatever its called...then food finds you!...i take my hat off to them, they are 100% dedicated!

you have to make a lifestyle change, and tell yourself you can do it! :party0019:

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