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A month in and Im a bit confused

Hi Everyone :)

I am 23 and a big girl, I am currently 24st 11bls (347bls) I started at 25st 1bl. I have been doing slimfast for a month now and I am a bit confused.

week 1 - I followed it very strictly and lost 1bl =)

week 2- I followed it but ate out twice for dinner with friends, I lost 5lbs :wee:

week 3- I followed it strictly plus I went for a nightly walk for a mile every night.
I gained 3lbs :cry:

week 4- I have followed the plan very strictly, but have not weighed myself yet this week.

I know its early, but it seems I lose more weight when I eat more, and gain weight when I exercise. :confused:

I am a bit confused. Is it that I am too heavy for this diet to work? Or is this normal?
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It is possible that on the weeks you have been very strict you have eaten too little. Are you weighing yourself at the same time of day? You can weight quite aa bit more in the evenings etc. The week you gained was that just before your period? Monthly cycle can make you gain a lot of water weight. Best thing to do is keep a food diary and show it to your counsellor. Or post it on here - I don't do SW but many people on here do and are very successful - they are very good at giving great advice. All the best - and stick with it - you'll get there - and no you are NOT to big for the SW diet to work. xxx and well done for the weight you have lost - you are already a success story
Perhaps as you are excercising you are building muscle, muscle is heavier than fat (I think...) I would continue with the strict diet plus excercise - diet will help you shed the fat, exercise will keep your heart healthy and help you tone up...


Wants to do this!
i know the feeling. I think that slimfast has too many carbs for your body type. I think you should try and make your snacks high protein as much as possible
I agree with Julie. Make sure your not eating too little when your being strict and check that your evening meal portions sizes are not large. Also if you are worried about the amount of carbs in your slimfast try taking a carb blocker. I use Shapesmarts Decarb :)
Thank you all so much for your feedback :)

I weighed myself on Monday and I hadn't weighed my self last week so after 2 weeks I have lost 3bls. So I am back to where I was in week 3, which means I have lost my first half a stone...again :wee: hopefully it will not go up again next week.

I know any loss is good, but I guess I feel it should be faster, I always thought it came off heavier people quicker in the beginning?

I'm hoping the 3bls gain of week 3 was muscle. And is it right that the more muscle the better the metabolism?

I am going to do weight lifting this week and see what happens, I will do 10 different lifts, 20 reps per lift. The weight are the medium size in my V-fit dumbbell set, 2.3 KG/ 5bls. Even if I gain weight in muscle at least I'll be toning my arms :)

I checked my main meals and I think my portion sizes were too small, when I added up calories of my main meals they normally came to around 450.

I know period was mentioned, Im kind of worried about that, just realised that Im starting week 6 of this diet and I am yet to have my monthly cycle :( hope I havnt stopped it by changing my diet so drastically?
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