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A naughty question


supposed to be working!

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
No hun I don't don't and yes that is naughty!!!! :) (I'm back again hehehehehhe)

Just let your body do what it needs to do. Your energy will come back when it's ready too. If you take energy boosting stuff....it could have strange effects when your on a VLCD.

What about taking a multi vitamin or something a bit less dramatic!

Hope you've cut your exercise down a bitwhile starting on CD. I've never known anyone to do so much!!!!!!

BTW....are you a non smoker wanting to smoke to curb your appitite because if so.....it's a definate no. Silly, silly thing to do. Yuck. LOL


supposed to be working!
You know what? I had to bring my gym workout WAAAAAAY down! I was almost dead 2nd day and luckily went to sleep before gorging my face with anything! Im only doing 1 hr max of cardio now (home and/or gym) and some weights. The walk from work however is something I've done ever since I moved to NY so that's fine. Also I often pick up a coffee so it's something I look forward to :)


supposed to be working!
Ooh! Re. Smoking: no its a disgusting habit and I'm not a smoker per se. Fags are expensive here so I would be an idiot to start, right? ;)
And I'm a bit iffy about the Dexatrim... a friend of mine started on them and she said they work like crazy. I've had a history of irregular heartbeat so again, bad idea for BB :)
Thanks Sunshine! xx


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I think theres these natural appetite surpressants that you can buy, they are like the little breath fresh strips that just dissolve on your tongue, I dont know if they are 'allowed' nor do I know where you can get them from etc. Just heard a friend talking about them some time ago x


can see the end in sight!
I'm a smoker and am going to quit (again!) when I am within a stone of my goal weight.Couldnt face 7 to 8 months on cd without smoking personally! But I do hate it and can't wait to pack it in!


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I'm a smoker and I could not give it up at this stage! In fact, it is the only thing getting me through! x
If anything, I am smoking more!:eek:

It's the only thing that gets me through the long days with no food.

I aim to quit once I reach target- one thing at a time and all that.lol ;)


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If anything, I am smoking more!:eek:

It's the only thing that gets me through the long days with no food.

I aim to quit once I reach target- one thing at a time and all that.lol ;)
Glad I am not alone!! I also intend to give up once at target! x

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Ooohhhh Binbikini I love your pic, you actually look like my cousin. I had to do a double take!!!! Funny.

To those that smoke.......that's why I asked if she was a smoker because it would be silly to start to help with CD but I totally agree if you are already a smoker......jaysus it would harsh to give up at the moment.

BB- yeap its mad how our exercise levels have to drop to cope with our lack of energy. xxx
Hi I smoked for 25 years and gave it up about 6 years ago. Stopping smoking is very similar feeling to this diet so if you can do this you can definitely stop smoking. But I agree it would be too difficult to do it now.
Also I'm no exercise maniac but I'm really exhausted and lacking in energy even on just a short walk; I wan't like this before stating CD as I did a lot of walking.
Also slimming tablets.
I've got Apidexin and Appesat but haven't really used them; tried each of them for only a few days before cding and they didn't seem to work? Does anyone know anything about them or if they're allowed on cd? Think I'll do a thread on this.

Sunshine Singer

Dropped White Sugar & Feeling Fantastic
Well i wouldn't advise anyone to take slimming tablets esp on CD. Don't they have hideous side effects!!!!! what would be the point when your on a VLCD- i'd say no! But i'm no expert. I'd be very suprised if you're told you can take them.

This isn't a dig at you hun but why do people seem to want to push the weightloss so much when on CD you're losing far more weight than on most diets! I just don't get it at all. As long as we stick to the plan the weight will come off wether on chunks or small amounts.

Rant over :) x
Hi Sunshine Singer, no I think both these pills are described as appetite suppressants which I could be doing with if they worked. I'm delighted at my weight loss so far and I don't think any pill could do the job CD is doing- it's just I'm so hungry!
Night night Sunshine Singer, nice talking to you xxx


supposed to be working!
Wow thank you peeps for your answers... im crazy hungry and ive decided to switch to SS+ because im worried by denying myself I will have a mega binge! Also with the amount im working out i think i need some energy to burn!
Thanks Sunshine for the kind words - funny I look like your cuz :) is she persian too ;)
xxes y'all
Hi All

Not sure about slimming tablets, and clearly would never recommend anyone starts smoking (it's vile..I know, but it is my only vice right now), but I have started drinking fennel tea. You get used to the taste quickly and it apparently is an appetite suppressant? Packs are two for one in Holland and Barrett at the mo! (I am not on commission, I promise!).
Worth a go!
Ellie xx

I am a non smoker as well but ive always thought of trying some to keep me going...lol.....infact ive had a brilliant idea of trying nocotine chewing gums! i think the nicotine in it will give you the smoking feeling? without ruining your lungs:(

sorry im just really struggling and im going ckoo ckoo


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