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A need to share

Hi All

Now I have composed myself after a horrendous incident yesterday which totally took me by surprise and yes .. I put something in my mouth I should not of! I was viciously verbally attacked by a yob at work yesterday, it left me shocked, angry and wondering why the hell I do my job and help others when thats the treatment. As the day went on I became scared and had an ache in my stomach which made me feel so empty and sad..

On the way hope I went to Sainsburys to get lots of water, I got the water and went into auto pilot and wanted something warm and sweet.. now I understand I am truely a comfort eater... I had a hot pudding and custard and could not stop myself from doing it. Today I feel like I need to be quite and I just need to care for myself.. I am back on my shakes and drinking my water... I was so upset I just needed to get it of my chest and share with you all

Sarah Lou:wave_cry:
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you sound like i felt a few weeks ago sarah lou. id received a particurlarly nasty letter from the woman i job share with and then she followed it with a horrible note questioning why i was doing something although it was what id always done for the past 10 years (shes only been with the company 4-5 years) and what with that and other work problems i felt i couldnt cope and automatically went into the kitchen and started to drink diet coke. now i know it wasnt too drastic but to me that was an automatic thing, to put something comforting in my mouth when i felt i couldnt cope

what i thought was that these buggers arent gonna grind me down..im losing weight for me..sod them..they dont matter in the long run of things..at the moment its number one and thats who im thinking of....end of story.

its still been stressful one way and another here at work but having lost a bit of weight now im now thinking of leaving and taking a new job...something i wouldnt have contemplated a few weeks ago when i was feeling so down on myself

just think it was one blip..thats it...and get back on the wagon and forget about it...life has these things it decides to throw at us occasionally but i think if were armed enough and ready for them, we can shoot them down in flames and work our way through it...

bring it on lol

all the best

h xxx


Staff member
Hi Sarah Lou,

I was viciously verbally attacked by a yob
Of course you were left shocked as any descent person would be:hug99:

For what its worth I think you did the right thing under the circumstances.

Try and put what happened yesterday behing you and move on.

I think it is very positive that you are focusing on looking after yourself now and back on your diet.

Sending you loads of hugs and love.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks harriet for the kind words, people can be so nasty, I was so shocked at being called what I was called I could not repeat it!! I am worth more than that low life, he probably never gave it a second thought as he turned and walked away, he just moved on and I was left in a heap.. well its eaten and gone and today as I said I had my shakes as normal.

Thanks again
Hiya Sarah Lou, hope your feeling better today? I hate how sme of these low lifes think they can say hurtful things to people and think that it wont matter - I am a thorough believe in what goes around cmes around - so try and forget about that waste of space. You never gave up and ate for days on end, you had one moment of weakness but its done and forgotten now, just concentrate on you now. If you do ever feel like doing that again, maybe try saying to yourself that by eating that cake, its falling into the trap of those wasters! Dont give them the satisfaction! x
:wave_cry:Thanks Pineapple, I do tend to shrug things off but yesterday was something else... now I am dealing with the hunger pangs! I'd got rid of them! aghhhhhhhhhh
Dont worry Sarah lou, I had to get back into ketosis this week as well, as I was away last weekend and decided at the last minute I'd break it all weekend! I managed tho and so will you. I had my 5th weigh in and I had lost what I gained and some, so dont be thinking about giving up, you have got there before and you will get there again!

Some days, things are easier than others to shurg off, we all get days like them, we are only human after all.

Keep you chin up x
:thankyou:My chin is moving up, I am NOT going to give up! Thank u for your support, onwards and upwards and I shall concentrate on drinking lots of water and hopefully a few more pounds off when I weigh Tuesday, lost four pounds this week. Good luck to u 2!

I hope you are feeling better now, its horrible when someone treats you like that, and at work too. I dont know why some people feel they have the right to speak to others badly. It happened where I work today, a young guy was shouted at by an older person in front of everyone. Everyone stopped and looked round to hear what the raised voices were about. It kind of inspired the shouter to carry on, I think they thought it was impressive. In fact it was the opposite, everyone thought it was really over the top and uncalled for. Numerous people spoke to the victim later telling him not to take any notice. But you cold tell he was really upset. Those kind of people are just ignorant and will get the same one day.

You are a better person than that, focus on your goal. And remember there are many more nice people around than bad ones :)

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