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A new journey!!

Hi everyone :D
I've decided to finally join this site because you're all so supportive and I know I'll have questions that you'll be able to answer!!

I started Lighter Life about 6 months ago, did it for almost a month and then couldn't take any more of the shakes/bars...gross!!

I started doing Atkins induction on Sunday, and so far, it's been alright. I'm enjoying the food, just missing sweet stuff a bit, I've got a real sweet tooth!
My only real issue is that today I've had a horrible splitting headache :(
I've read about this happening on here. I know I'm not dehydrated because I'm drinking loooads. Must be the dreaded Atkins flu!!

My boyfriend has lost 9st in the last year via low-fat eating and LOTS of gym, but he's reached a plateau, so he started Atkins with me on Sun. But he's given up today because he said he felt really sick all day. I'm hoping I haven't got that to come :(

Anyway, just thought I'd introduce myself so you don't get freaked when I'm stalking your recipes etc later! Hahaha. I'm going to keep posting, like a diary, because I think it'll spurr me on to continuing if I get fed up. :p
Sam :D
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Ketosis can -sometimes- leave people feeling a little nauseous, it's part of atkins flu and goes away within a couple of days.

Good luck with it, and stay off the sweet stuff so you never have to go through the headache again!


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Hi and welcome Sam.

Atkins is really easy coz you can always snack which you cant do with other diets. You do sometimes miss the sweet stuff but if you have a look in the recipe forum youll find countless recipes for mims which I find are great when I really cant get past a sweet craving.


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Hi Sam

Welcome and enjoy Atkins :) Your headache will go hun, just get the water down you - and imagine all those bad carbs being flushed away!
Hi sorry about the really late reply!! Things are going really well - 18lbs down so far. Finding this website sooo useful.
How are you all? Thanks for the welcome :D
Sam x


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Well done Sam, you're doing great:)
Thanx Katie :D Your losses are brilliant!

I definitely wouldnt still be doing this if it weren't for everyones fabulous posts of recipes and low-carb knowledge, lol.

Sam x
I'm fabulous Jim thanks :)
Weighed in this morning and I've lost another 4lbs so looks like my plateau has ended...silly water retaining!
How are you?
I'm fine sam and well done on that loss, It's crap when youhave stalls isn't it love
Yeah I was miffed, but it happens, least it's buggered off now eh? :p
Hope you are well today. Looks like it might be another sunny one :D
Morning sam, I'm still tasked with finishing the sanding down and ronsealing the Garden furniture :)
Just goes to show really, my shoulders and arms are still aching from yesterday :D

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