A new me FOREVER....no going back!


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Hi all,

Well as you may be able to tell from my username, I'm approaching the big 3-0 (aaahhhhhh)! I'm 30 in September and don't want to be a fat lump when I turn 30, I want 30 to be a new me, so its not all doom and gloom!! I've been overweight all my life pretty much. At 18 I lost a lot of weight with WW (I can't even remember how much) but then I started college and slowly my weight crept up and up and up and I was heavier than I ever was before.Then in 2009 I lost nearly 5st with WW but I became comfortable and happy with my weight and slowly I started eating badly again and stopped exercising and I gained a lot more than the 5st I lost! Last year I joined SW with no real motivation for it only to lose weight for a wedding I had coming up, I lost 1.5st for the wedding but then left SW cos the wedding had been and gone!

I rejoined SW and shamefully on the 7th of January I weighed in at 19st but I am happy to say that today I weigh 17st 13.5lbs:D
I decided to start a diary here so that I could keep myself on track and also get some guidance from other members. I have read some of your diaries and they really give me the encouragement and motivation I need.

By September I hope to have 4 to 5st gone, do people think this is achievable?
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