A new old person

:) Hello

I have been doing WW online since 27 July and lost a stone quite quickly but have STUCK and now, after an accident with some mince pies, I've put 3lbs back :eek:

I will be 67 on Tuesday, but my granddaughter is spending the holidays with her dad so I'm hoping to avoid overdoing things. My partner had an operation for lung cancer 2yrs and 7 months ago. He used to be very active but has taken a long time to recover and keeps Doing His Back In.
My daughter has recently joined Slimming World, she doesn't eat what's on her plate but can leave stuff. I can't, so it's no good for me. I have to put my food on my plate and then I eat it. If I make 2 lots to include the second day, it doesn't last that long.
The local gym has a cheap off peak rate, so I shall join it soon. I used to go a lot about 4 years ago and was extremely fit, but stopped when He Indoors became ill.

Hi welcome to minis - I'm sure you will find all the encouragement you need here to help you with WW

Best wishes

Hello ,
welcome to minimins,lovely to have you here with us and good luck
Welcome and goodluck :D

These girls are great!
Hello, welcome and good luck!! Those mince pies are evil!!
welcome to the boards! :) xxx
Hello and welcome to the WW boards. Its great on here and you will get all the support you need to succeed and get going again.

Sorry to hear about your OH, hope he is feeling better now.
Hello again

I somehow erased my password so couldn't get back on. I am having trouble, it's the dreaded birthday tomorrow. Somehow 67 seems much older than 66.
My granddaughter has gone to Denmark for Christmas with her Dad so I don't have to cater for her for a week...:8855:

My daughter posts her diary on Slimming World. She wants to go out for lunch tomorrow, but I think we'll have a delicious meal here. I am thinking of going to join the gym, she's going for induction tomorrow so I may tag along!

I'll have to get her later when she's back from Heathrow and we are sure Jammy landed safely!
thank you for birthday wishes,
I have a piece of beef with veggies, sugar free jelly and frozen summer fruits. Should suit both our plans and Uncle M can have more spuds. And frozen yorkshire puds as a treat... and gravy
Daughter goes to weigh in tonight so that should stop her from eating me out of house and home.
Hi and welcome to our friendly WW forum :)

:birthday: :birthday: :birthday:​

Hope you have a fab day
Hi and Welcome to Minimins! And also Happy Birthday!! xxx
Hi and a belated welcome to minis. Hope you had a good birthday and are recovering ok from the mince pie incident. I was attacked by a couple myself this morning. Luckily, he indoors polished the rest off and saved me from myself ha ha.
Yes, this forum is nice.

I've some queries about Discover, as people mention..4.5.7 and weekly points and other stuff. I've not seen any of those online. Can you tell me where to look, I'm not that keen on the official forum, people on the old people's board kept asking what my "real" name is, which isn't my style. Not that I mind anyone knowing, but if you have a username you can surely hide behind it....
Happy Birthday Jammysgranny - and you hide away if that's what you want to do.

Hope your grand-daughter arrived safe and well in Denmark (if that's where she was going...think it is from memory.)

Some people adapt the Discover plan and the points to suit their lifestyles (Lydia adds up her daily allowance but just uses it across the week rather than worrying daily about eating or over-eating on her points and it seems to be working pretty well for her so far. Think its an American thing) Not sure what the other thing you mentioned is.