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A new problem - not being hungry

I started calorie counting at the beginning of september. Rather than set myself a specific daily calory limit, I've aimed to ensure that daily calories are between 1200 and 1400, and that the monthly average is the same. My BMR is around 2900 (so a daily deficit of 1500-1700).

Part of the reason for doing it was to save some money by budgeting more as I'm a bit financially skint now.

My daily routine has been a breakfast fruesli bar (on some days, not all), a lunch at around 600-700 calories (2 rounds of sandwiches) and a ready meal for dinner of between 500 and 700 calories.

So far, so good. I've not had any problem sticking to it, and I weighed in today to a 9lbs loss in 16 days. :)

But the last few days, I've realised I'm just not that hungry - my dinners fine, but my lunch is too large, and today I couldn't actually finish it.

I've considered substituting one round of sandwiches for a packet of crisps, but that would take me below 1200 a day without compensating somewhere else (and compensating somewhere else means buying more at the supermarket!). I presume I'm not already under eating if I'm not as hungry any more (the first week I was quite often wanting a snack).

So in short, what's better to do - should I 'force' myself to eat (I thought about dividing my lunch into two portions as well, which may help with this), or should I just eat when I feel hungry and drop below the 1200 calorie level?
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i don't think it would be wise to drop below the 1200 mark. so maybe have a better breakfast, get some cheap cereal and then cut down your sandwiches cause the money you would save from having half the amount of sandwiches would be able to pay for your breakfast. hope this helps

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