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a new start?


in my dreams!!!!!!
hi porky and welcome, thats why i'm on it, its so easy you don't have to think! are you having your 3 snacks a days as well? there are a huge range of things you could have, healthy like carrots, cauliflower or any other veg or fruit o i have tesco cereal bars, breakaway (1/2 price at mo in tesco) or blue riband if you want/need chocci like me.

have loads of water in between as this really helps with getting rid of the fat as well as filling you up!

hope you have a good week, we're here if you need help! x
Welcome Porky!

Im sure you will do well on slimfast its the easiest diet Ive tried....and I have tried a few! Hope your first week is a good one and like sparklewings said make sure you have the snacks as well as drinking plenty of water!

I agree, the best thing about Slimfast is not having to think about meals too much. I like to think of it as a poor mans Cambridge or Lighter Life.

I have just discovered mini snack a jacks at 89 cals per bag which I have as a snack. I am not very good at drinking lots of water. I often only remember to have a large glass when I am cleaning my teeth at bed time, resulting in a trip to the loo at about midnight.
I've been on it 3 days and I've lost 6lbs already so loving it! If you've not got time to make meals get ready made weight watchers meals. Iceland always have them cheap and they're nice. As for snacks try Alpen light bars they're 69 cal a bar and they have a nice new one which is chocolate and fudge... lovely!!
thanks guys!! i'm always thinking i'm hungry but i know its all in my head!!! i was on slimming world couple of weeks ago and was still thinking i was hungry after eating like a whole bag of pasta!!! so i think its all in my head. i agree its def a poor mans version of lighter life or cambridge!! my friend is on lighter life and she's doing so well and has lost 4 stone 8 lbs since 30th dec 08, so seeing as i can't afford lighterlife thought i'd give this a go!!! just want my 1st weigh in day to come to see if it is working!! does any one have 2 meal bars a day and still lose weight cos i find the shakes don't fill a gap in my extra large stomach!!
Hi and welcome Porky :) I have 2 meal bars a day, i've only had 2 shakes since I started,I'm not a fan of milkshakes anyway,but I think with me it's all my head,I need to chew! lol When I did have a shake I was hungry (or I thought I was!) within an hour!
Drinking lots of water helps you feel full too :)
what a fab weight loss you must be well chuffed!!! do you ever cheat when i say cheat i mean like have a few extra calories for your meal, or do you stick to it like glue?? i think i might try having two bars a day they r really nice - for slimming food!! i'm just so fed up with dieting for like most of my life, every year its the same thing, lose a bit then put it on - trific! hope this suits me, need to shed the pounds(stones!!)
Thanks, I am! People that don't know i've been dieting are noticing that i'm shrinking now,it's a great feeling!
Sunday to Friday I stick to the diet like glue! I have to,I know if I cheat a bit that i'd end up going on a binge! But Saturday mornings I have a treat, a lovely big fried brekkie! Knowing i've got that on a sat makes me be good all week :D
Just noticed your goal date...mine's about the same lol.... we can do this this time! ;)
Hi Porky. Good luck with Slimfast. I started a week ago & have lost 2lbs. It's been fine this week- a lot easier knowing what I'm eating each day. It's helping me be more aware of portion sizes in having to ensure only 600 cals in my evening meal. I find the meal bars more filling than the shakes- but I find both tasty. Here's hoping we all have success!

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