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A New Team

hi i would like to be a part of the team too...
We need 2 more!! But I guess we can make a start with just us and hopefully have a couple more join us!
Brill ladies, glad to have you join.
We need a name... any ideas?
I'm sure we'll find a couple more to join us in no time, and I've no suggestions for names unfortunately I'm rubbish at anything like this :D

I'm looking forward to joining the team. I'm deeply into my journey but still have loads to lose and I don't really have my own diary so this will be great.

Come on girls get your thinking caps on.
Yay looks as if we have a team :D

I'm rubbish on names too and as I have no idea what team names there are already :cool: I suppose it would be a good start 2 look!

Heading there now............but what about 'From here till Slimternity' ? :p

Ok I'm off now before you chuck me out ;)

Susie x


On a Mission!
Hi - room for one more not so little one???
Yep Deb!

We have our team!! :grouphugg:

Love the suggestions! The only thing I can think of is Skinny Minnies but not sure if that's been taken as its quite a common name.


On a Mission!
Yay, thanks guys, am so happy to be part of a team again.

Love the name - I'm a mum and a big'n at that so its fitting for me!!!


On a Mission!

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