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A newbie - 1st day. SUPPORT NEEDED!!!!

Hi All

I am a newbie to this forum, but unfortunately not to Lipotrim! I'll give you a short background to my story...

For some reason (mainly overeating and stagnant lifestyle :cry:), I have managed to pile on the pounds over the last 10 years since I left college...

As a child, I was very thin, but once I moved out of home and started going out for drinks with friends, cooking for myself etc etc, it started to spiral out of control...

Anyways, I always hovered around the 10.5 stone mark, gradually creaping up to 11.5 stone..... i got married 5 years ago, and was determined to loose weight! I did lipo for about 2 weeks (was all i could manage :() and lost about a stone, then with keeping a really close eye on my calorie intake and going to the gym regularly, i was 9 st 9 lbs walking up the aisle and never felt better!!!

Roll on 5 years and I am 12st 10 lbs :cry:

We have been trying for a baby for 2 years unsuccessfully (I had a miscarriage a year ago) and we are now looking at going down the IVF route... i know that my weight is going to become an issue as I have heard that the nurses in the fertility clinic are quite nasty to anyone who is carrying weight and insist that they loose some!

So here i am at the start of my journey... fat and feeling terrible:cry: I am starting lipo today and just took my first shake an hour ago..... i am feeling fine now, but i know that by tonight/tomorrow I'll be feeling it!!!

Just looking for your support and words of encouragement!

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Hi Monsie, I'm starting Lt today as well... feeling very positive about it because I have decided I need to do this... I tried this a couple of years ago and lost the 2 stone I needed to but unfortunately put the weight back on (and then some).. i was suffering from post natal depression and controlling my eating was the least of my worries.... my weight has crept up to 12st 11 and I have decided enough is enough.... take each day at a time and remember why you are doing this ... i remember how hard it was the first time but this forum is a great place for support and meeting new people who feel the same as you... keep telling yourself you can do this and before you know it you will have ... Good luck xx:D
Hello ladies, I'm a first timer, on day 3. I've battled with weight all my life, left weightwatchers at 22 at 52kilos but weighed for lipotrim at 86k..I'm 51 now and it's impossible to shift it (I'm only 5'1")
Had a marriage break up and then a broken ankle, as an antidote to both I turned to wine and crisps, just sat on the sofa feeling I deserved them. In a wonderful relationship now, just back from a sun holiday and looked like a slug.
Struggling, especially when cooking for the family but so determined to do this and get back on track. The support here is amazing. Xxx
Hey Becca - I think we are weight loss twins! similar weights and BMIs:rolleyes: Come on girl! We can DO THIS!!!!!! I'm here for a daily/hourly/minute support (!) if you need it!!!! When are you due your weigh in?

Eileen, I am so sorry to hear about all you have gone through.. relationship problems are a huge emotional drain, so dont beat yourself up. Wine is the curse of my life.. I adore a glass or two myself but its so full of calories. I am hoping that when i completely detox myself on lipo that my taste for it will have gone!

OK, so i only had a shake 3 hours ago, and already my tummy is rumbling.. all i can think about is food!!! any other day if i missed by breakfast, I wouldnt even be thinking of food yet!!! TYPICAL - my body must know whats ahead!!!!
S: 12st12lb C: 12st12lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
I seem to be having quite a good first day.. strawberry shake this am and while I wont say I enjoyed it it wasn't unbearable either...seem to remember I ended up quite looking forward to them last time... trying to stick to similar times each day so next shake in about half an hour and im not even hungry !!!! Im sat in work on my lunch break so you can imagine the smells everyone in the office seems to have cooked food today which is totally typical... think im starting with a cold though so the smells wont be a problem hehe.

My first weigh in is next wednesday after work and I cant wait... last time lost 9 lbs in the first week if i get anywhere near 7 this time will be thrilled and its the thought of that keeping me going .. and Monsie and Eileen if you need to chat at anytime just give me a shout... i havent told anyone im doing this just plodding on quietly ... not everyone understands this diet so nice to connect with people that do !! xx
Hi Becca and Monsie
Getting a bit hungry so going to start some ironing, would normally be at work but home all this week with a sore neck. Not used to not being busy...but too sore to get stuck into cleaning and stuff. Have kept chicken soup for later, it's a bit rough but at least it's hot. My weigh in is on Saturday and will only be after 5 days, don't know what to expect? Hope you're both ok?
Hey Eileen

I am doing ok... I think! Had my second shake at 1pm, and am going to have my next at about 6... I cant stomach the soup, so its choc shakes all the way for me!

I am hungry, but trying to keep busy. I am working from home today,so am busy with that.... at lunch time i went to see a friend who was full of encouragement about lipo, and then cleaned the car when i got back just to keep my mind off food!

Well look, this day is almost over. We are doing great!!!!!;)


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Hey girls, good luck on your journeys!

I am on day 4, this is second time for me, and so far so good, its is bloody hard, but just get yourself on here when you feel tempted, it keeps me focused ;)
Hello all..I managed to cook dinner, made them throw out all the leftovers! Had my chicken soup, threw in some chilli flakes, not sure if that's legal?? Just needed some taste. Trying to watch positive things on telly..last night I was watching masterchef and playing cafe world on facebook.. Talk about trying to sabotage yourself!!! Went for a walk down town earlier and looked in all the clothes shop windows and pictured myself in them!!! Roll on day 4!!!

Ok....roll on day 2!!! Feeling ok this morning...spent last night dreaming of White bread :) bad Monsie!!

Think I'd better up my water in take..am feeling a little dehydrated even though I drank about 3 litres..

Anyways best of luck becca and Eileen today!
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Hey Monsie I am on day 3 and although I prob shouldn't I weighed myself and I am 4lbs lighter so I am so thrilled with that this morning. Like you I feel a bit dehydrated so going to plough through the water today. Last night was hard because we were at a friends house and she put out all this lovely food but thankfully I resisted. I am hoping I get into ketosis soon so the hunger subsides.

Hope the days goes well for everyone x
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Well start of day two and i'm feeling great... had a terrible headache last night but think that was stress rather than LT side effects... didnt even manage to have my evening shake as spent 5 hours at the hospital with my son.. he fell in school and broke his arm.. by the time we got home i was so tired i just went to bed.

Not feeling hungry at the moment but i'm sure that will change as the breakfast trolley comes round... but i will be good and resist... I seem to be in the right headspace for LT this time round could be something to do with the time of year and all the lovely (but very little) clothes in the shops !!

Sounds like we are all finding ways to distract our selves which is the best way.. heres to another good day of 100%... and remember Little pickers wear big knickers xxxx
God Becca, sorry to hear about your son... what a nightmare, hope the poor little thing will be ok! Onwards and upwards!

Popple... well done! Its so tempting to weigh yourself, especially when you know you have been good!!!! If thats after 3 days, imagine how much you will have lost in another 4 days!!

I am in FULL KETOSIS!!!! I have "death breath" as my husband put it :D I walked out of the house this morning without my breath strips, so i am trying to keep as far away from my work colleagues as physically possible:eek:....

I am surprised at how ok I feel.... No hunger pangs at all... just taking it hour by hour!
Good afternoon ladies how are we all surviving today? It's day 4 for me, have a lousy headache. Have to admit had a sneaky weigh too and looks like I've lost at least 4 lbs, my scales is in bits. Bought some peppermint tea this morning, had to feel there was SOMETHING in the trolley for me apart from water. Never did the shopping as quickly, made a list, charged round the aisles and got out of there as quickly as possible!! Heading out for a walk now down to the sea, it's a gorgeous day.
Hope you're all doing well, honestly this site is just amazing, don't think I could do this without you all.
Becca, hope your son is ok, you must have been in bits, (((hug)))
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Thanks Eileen the hug is much appreciated.. the little fella is ok just feeling very sorry for himself... has taken my mid off everything though so just goes to show... every cloud does have a silver lining !!

No hunger pangs at all today which has shocked me but really struggled to get the shakes down dont seem to be enjoying them at all this time...keeping up with the water as have had the driest mouth today.. i mean almost 4 ltrs of water gone how is that possible?? Must have cleaned my teeth about 20 times today think everyone at work thinks ive gone mad lol.

Hope the headache passes quickly Eileen !!
Well thats day two almost done woo hoo bring on day 3 .. and I seem to have been struck down with the dreaded death breath as well which i think is alot quicker than last time !! Have a great weekend girls xx :D
Hey it's good to have the bad breath tho, isn't it? Let's you know everything is moving along nicely! Been busy all day so not too bad today..can't believe it's Friday night and not a glass of wine in sight, it's a bit of a change!! Made sure there's none in the house so no temptation!
Sleep well everyone (except for a few potty trips!!!!!) another 100% day tomorrow xxxx


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I'm also on day one. I've had my 3 drinks and i'm doing ok. Haven't stopped peeing all day but apart from that i'm feeling pretty good considering. Really excited about the journey ahead and i'm hoping i can be 100% all the time! Here's hoping! Best of luck everyone :)
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no beating yourself up!! could be worse you could have peaked at 23st4lb like me! lol

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