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A note of thanks to you all


I will succeed!!!
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I wanted to post this thread for two reasons:

  • to apologise
  • to say thank you

I’ve not been on this forum very long and have already posted a few ‘moans’, ‘rants’ and ‘total emotional breakdowns’. I just wanted to say sorry for being such a mess at times (especially since I only joined a few months ago) and also thank you for being so supportive and understanding.

I’m one of those people who ‘bottle things up’ for ages, until something tips the bucket and it allcomes pouring out. The last year has been really difficult, but it was only the last few weeks I let myself show it – and it’s not healthy. I have to stop worrying about ‘keeping it together’ and get out of this routine of ‘’la-la-laaaaaa all is well, I am happy….la-la-laaaa…BOOM – breakdown….la-la-laaaaa’’.

Had a good cry last night whilst talking to OH and feeling better for it. I usually stop myself crying quite quickly, but I had a proper bawl – which is what I needed.

I know I cannot change who I am, but going to try and not bottle everything again.

You lot have been amazing – I am not sure you all realise how much you’ve helped me of late – so thank you everyone. I know lots of members are having a hard time too and hopefully I’ll be of some use to those who need support in return.

Christina xoxoxox

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From one bottler to another *hugs hugs hugs*


Mrs V

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Hi Christina.....you have every right to shout, scream, bawl and generally get things out of your system.
I got myself into a really hairy patch many, many years ago (suicide had crossed my mind), I got to the stage where I thought no one would miss me if I went, so what was the point? I had no one to talk to..or so I thought and bottled things up. Basically I hated my life!
The Dr prescribed anti-depressants...I took one, felt fuzzy and decided there and then that this wasnt the help that I needed. I spoke to my Hubby (boyfriend at the time), told him everything that was worrying me, upsetting me...even if he thought these things were trivial, he just listened until I felt better.
You need to talk to your Partner when ever things go wrong for you, otherwise you could get into the same situation I was in.
I then went on to train as a child psychologist as my field is with children anyway. Part of my training was counselling and what a difference it has made!!!

Anyway, now that I have wittered on! Lol...hun, whether you need to come on here and share your thoughts or feelings, or whether you prefer to speak with your loved ones...the main thing is that you never, ever bottle it up.

Take care

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*hugs* Don't worry, if anyones the one who has total breakdowns on here its me! LOL
your doing fab xxx


Full Member
Big hug hun, i know how you feel and we are all here to support one another!
Chin up and keep smiling :) xxx


Slow but sure....
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Thank you for a lovely post Sticky.

You certainly don't have to apologise though, that's what we are here for to help each other with our dieting day and any other worries we may have.

Have a good day sweetheart, love to you. X


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Awww hun :grouphugg:

I think we all like that sometimes and i know this site is a godsend (well for me anyways) and i think i would of quitted a long time ago if it wasnt for ppl like urself.

Keep chin up hun :D


I will succeed!!!
S: 13st3lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 0st8.5lb(4.59%)
Awww thanks everyon :)

I just wanted you to know that I really appreciate everything, always but especially recently with the extra support.

This forum is amazing - and I think it's a big reason why I'm doing so much better this time around.

Hugs xoxo
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Sticky, thats what friends are for honey, we don't go away when the going gets tough, we all muck in and do what we can to help and support. it was a lovely post from you and really thoughtfull.xxx


I will succeed!!!
S: 13st3lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 0st8.5lb(4.59%)
Awww thanks CG xoxo


Mad old Bat with Attitude
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Did you moan? Can't say i noticed! That's why I love this forum. All of us in the same boat, shoulder to shoulder against life when it's being a b*tch! It's a family, and we're all here for each other, but thankyou! It's nice everyone is appreciated!


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Awwww hunny youre so sweet :)
Dont apologise if you have to have a moan or a rant or a break down! we all do (or i know i do!!)
Its a lovely feeling to try and help someone else and a wonderful feeling to know that people are there for you too... this place makes me feel so much better if im having a wobble everyone is amazing!



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