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A points question


bye bye baby tummy
Im a bit flummoxed

I am having points left at the end of each day I keep reading you need to eat them but i cant

My WW week runs from a wednesday and so far i have had

Day 1, 2pnts left (would of been 6 but i had a bar of chocolate)

day 2, 2pnts left (would of been 8 but had icecream with cream on it lol)

Day 3, 8pnts left! (Couldnt of eaten more if I tried)

Day 4, 5pnts left (again had eaten enough)

Day 5, 5pnts left (I had loads of sweet things too to try and use some points but didnt work lol)

Day 6 (today) 6pnts left (I think might make that 5 gunna have a snack bar now lol)

I'm eating as much as i can, I have 5 extra points for Breastfeeding

I dunno what to do, Obviously i dont wanna eat more then i need to as thats bad, its only things like milk and cheeses and snack bars instead of chocolate ive replaced instead of normal stuff

but im qorried with all these points left i wont loose
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bye bye baby tummy
Thanx Ill copy down my tracker sheet later cause obviously i dont wanna do this and not loose but then i dont wanna force myself to eat when im not hungry ect lol so i was feeling a bit stuck in that rock/hardplace


bye bye baby tummy
Hi ive popped down my last week here


any help would be apreciated, I switched my 0 point rattatulli for some chippie chips (hubby was getting them all some and i figured i have enough points saved lol) and im still 3 points short for today

Another thing ive noticed is as the weeks progressed im eating less which is good as ive cut out bordom snacking but obviously its harder to make more points with less eating

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