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A Positive Comment From A Doctor


Skinny girl in a fat body

I know a few people on this site have said their Doctors, or people of the medical profession, have made some negative comments about CD. Some don't even know what it is.

Anyway, people who have read my diary will know I recently had a hysterectomy coz I have cervical cancer. Well, all's well but stemming from that I had a bowel problem (OMG, I have got absolutely no dignity left, waved bye bye to that a long time ago) lol:wavey:. So, as a follow up I went to see the Consultant on Wednesday. He actually commented on my weight loss and asked a few questions. To be honest I thought I may have gotten into a bit of trouble as I didn't know if I was doing any good or harm considering I don't go to the toilet as regular - you know what I mean. I asked him his opinion and he was actually very positive about it. He said he personally hadn't heard of it but showed genuine interest. He said anything that makes you feel better does you good and thought it was a good idea that I gave my stomach and bowel "a rest".

Just thought I'd let you guys know coz I have read that it sometimes a bit of a concern x
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Skinny girl in a fat body
Sorry - HAD cervial cancer oops


The Diet Guy
Some doctors are very negative BUT loads are really positive! I have a local GP who is always sending people over and my own GP before he retired was evangelical about the diet.

Anyway glad you are ok!!



Skinny girl in a fat body
Thanks Mike

I would still stay on CD even if he didn't approve, but it does help when your Doctor agrees with what you're doing doesn't it? Makes me feel better anyway coz too many people are far too quick to criticise this diet - works for me
I have to say my own GP has always backed my efforts to lose weight... we have thorough discussions (often off at tangents cos he loves to talk lol!) about the pro's and cons but I can't imagine not having his support...

It must be tough if you have to badger your GP to sign up for this as being a good thing - surely tackling obesity is a primary concern for the NHS, you'd think they'd be giving this diet away like they do stop smoking stuff... ;) But that's another topic...

Glad to hear of supportive docs... we need more of 'em!

Least all the negative ones, you can waltz into their office after losing your weight and go 'ta-daaaaaaa! look at me now you ninkempoop!' (or words to that effect ;))

tinks x


Strong women stay slim
My Doctor is not very helpful on these diets , i was going to join LL in April they said i need to get my doctor to sign , i went to see him he said its out of my hands its after surgey hours and would cost 95 pounds , well with LL i think was 65 pounds a week it was all to much . He told me to cut out carbs and the weight would fall off , easy as that , Dont think so hehe . So been on CD which was good but until i get more money i'm with other shake drinks but doing good.

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