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A question for any porridge lovers!


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I add hot water to a jug, throw in the porridge (if original I use a sweetner tab) and blend with blender for a quick moment

throw in micro and done.


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I get 150ml of warm water ready. Put porridge in the bowl with 2 tsp of flaxseed meal and a sweetener and thoroughly mix it all. Add a 1/3 of the water and mix into a paste, then another 1/3 and mix, then finally the rest of the water and put it in the micro for 1min... yummy. Apple flavoured by the way.


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same as lexie. horrible lumps if you just use a spoon x x


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No lumps if you make a paste first and add the water in 3 lots of intervals. Saves cleaning the blender.


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I use 125ml of hot water, I think it's too sloppy otherwise. And I use a *spoon* not a blender, but mix it thoroughly to get rid of the clumps of powder. The lumps that are left are to emulate the oaty pieces you get in real porridge it seems.

1 minute in the microwave and job done.


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I dont mind lumps in it as long as its cooked. I feel like I'm eating something. I like the porridges and dont add any sweetners as I find the original too sweet as it is.


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i follow the instructions on the packet and add ginger to the original flavour and extra cinnimon to the apple one xoxox

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Oh my gosh. How many ways are there to make porridge. I've had it from day 1 and love it.

It's easy , all i do is mix boiled water in a little at a time while stiring with spoon. This takes about 10 seconds! (I add cinemon to the origional flavour before i add water btw). Then bung in the microwave for 1 min. I make it a little bit runny as its stiffins up in the microwave.... just as Ready brec would :)
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I find the original porridge really sweet too. I used to add some mixed spice for flavouring but haven't really been in the mood for that lately.

I find if you add just enough hot water at first to make a paste that isn't really dry and thick, it helps to avoid lumps. I aim for the consistence of quite stiff cake batter at first (sorry for the mention of food!!) and then add the rest of the water gradually, stirring all the while.

1 min in the microwave and then I let it stand for another minute or so to thicken. If there are any lumps that have escaped my highly technical mixing process ;) I just squish them with the back of my spoon. Nom nom nom!


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Thanks for the tips! I haven't had the porridge yet but am going to get some when I see my cdc in a week for variety and now I have some good tips on how to make it best, thanks guys x


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Oooooh, ginger in porridge, I'm going to try that. Thanks for that idea.
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I HATE porridge and so it took me 10 weeks before I tried it (can you believe I had to work up the courage?). But to my surprise I found it far more filling than the shakes and almost nice. I'm going to try the original next as I found the apple very sweet. I'm trying to convince my taste buds porridge is a good thing as its just the perfect breakfast nutritionally for when I come off CD. xx


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LOL! I had them the first 2 weeks but then found them vile!

Marissa- get yourself some real porridge oats, you'll be allowed that now on 1000+ Its sooooo much nicer!!

Thanks hon its not for me I do not eat porridge I just wanted to be able to tell people when I am selling them to them. xxx


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I detest this stuff with a passion, i made it as described, it was cooked and ther weren't any lumps, but i still found the texture powdery and didn't like the flavour. (sorry porridge lovers....!) Just a word of advice not to get too many or at least have something else in reserve, just in case you don't like it. I had 3 of these and a equally horrid cheese and broccoli soup so ended up 4 packs down in my 2nd week, and didn't get chance to get to my cdc, lesson learnt...... xx

(oops, sorry, just noticed its not for you but for your cdc work, oh well, hope it helps anyway!)
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I don't have a microwave, so I:

-mix it with hot kettle water, just the same as doing a soup (I use a hand blender in a big thick glass jug).
-add mixed spice cause it makes it YUMMY!! :D

-then.. I pour it into a ceramic bowl balanced on a collander in a saucepan of boiling water, with a lid.. which gives it the minute of heat, same as a microwave, but without it touching anything that gets too hot.

I understand that it need heating, but need to not touch anything too hot, like hot metal.. so I think this works quite well, and doesn't distroy any of the nutrients.. been doing this for the last few months, and it works for me :)


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