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A question for just us girls...


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Hi nina,

Hormone levels fluctuate when you your weight changes and while for most women it does not affect their monthly cycle a good few do experience increased activity or may even stop. But once weight is reached and weight loss ceases, the metabolic rate will adjust to a new level appropriate to the new weight, and the hormones will settle down and find their own pattern again.

Love Mini xxx


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It has affected me, I started TOTM on day 3 and have only had 2 days off since!! my GP says not to worry, it's just my body coping with the changes.


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Thanks girls for the responses...I do hope to see 'my frien' soon:eek:


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u can usually set ur watch by my periods (charming thought!) but since CD they r allll over the shop. heavier...much more painful and turning up whenever they feel like it. thank god for paracetomol is all i can say.

i am having my totm right now :cry: tho wasnt due til next week. :sigh:

still! i can handle messed up cycle for a nice trim body!

I am usually on the day due, every 28 days regular as clock work, since being on diet I have been days earlier than normal and its a lot lighter than it used to be (no complaints with that) and lasts 4 days where as it used to be 5......strange how its so different for everyone.


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Thanks all for your replies...mine finally came down 2 days ago -- and I too was surprised...but glad to know that my reproductive system isnt all messed up...;)


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With rapid weight loss estrogen is released into the blood stream and this has a lot to do with upsetting the monthly cycle and also it is said to increase your fertility.:rolleyes:

We have had two Miniminers who have got pregnant this year so far:)

Love Mini xxx
Mine seems to be delayed by a few weeks and is about the same length etc as usual.One thing I do notice is that my PMT is much less.
My first one while on LT was a week early and light , im on the pill so was surprised by having totm while still taking the pill each day , then this month OMG it was really heavy but on time , so just have to see what next month brings .


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Well I am on week four of SS and should have started period week one ~ not complaining but I too have always been as regular as clockwork every 28 days

My daughter says I am on the change as I am 50 this year but I am blaming the diet ( cant possibly getting old he he )

Isnt it strange how everyone of us are different ~ watch out all you dieters don't get pregnant

Wouldnt my 28 year old daughter be shocked if that happened to me oh er


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Well as if retaining water isnt bad enuf -- but I have thrown Myself off the SS wagon becuz of my period and need for the 'ol comfort foods --- uggghhh!!!, I am upset at Myself --I had been doing so well...why do I sabotage myself??? :cry: (and the foods werent even worth leaving ketosis...)

Any tips on fighting off the PMS monster for next month>?


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yes this was me....found it on Mini's folder
it has affected mine.

I had the depo jab in December, and my Jan period didn't show up at all. Then I started CD, and Feb's period was as usual. Started 2 days late, so I thought I was going to miss another one!


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