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A question for target members?


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I've restarted diets probably about this time every year, and I have managed to keep some weight off each time. But in theory I lost a stone last year, so should be able to at least do the same this year and take another stone off before I give up again? But really if I want to lose another 3 stone, thats therefore going to take me another 3 years which seems ridiculous.

So my question to all you brilliant target members out there, is did you lose all your weight in one go? or did you stop and start but still eventually reach your goal? and how long did it take?
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This is such an individual thing I dont think you will really learn anything as my journey will likely be very different to another person

But if you really want to know I joined in February 2000 and got to target in January 2001 after losing 103lbs in 11 months

I think your problem is that you are looking on it as a diet - something temporary that you do until you get to target and then you get on with your life

But that is why it will not work - you really need to embrace it as what you will be doing for the rest of your life - a permanent lifestyle change

A large part of being successful at weightloss is down to frame of mind and you are already talking about failure and how you know it will happen again this year -you are setting yourself up to fail before you have really started

Instead of thinking "well I can lose another stone thing year before I give up again and if I do that for the next 3 years I will get to target" you need to think positively and work out why you keep giving up

Then you need a plan to prevent that happening this year! Do that and you will get to target a lot sooner ;)


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I totally agree with Circes, SW is something that needs to be maintained for life in order to keep the weight off.

If it's boredom with SW itself that makes you stop following the plan (and I know many people, including myself have experienced this) shake it up a bit - if you always do a certain plan, throw in a few days on a different one or try Success Express. Look on SW's website, their magazine or on this forum for new recipe ideas to stop you eating the same things day in day out.

I had 3 stone to lose to reach target and it took me a little over a year to lose it all, but I had a good few weeks off-plan throughout that time which probably amounts to 2 months so I could have lost 3 stone in a year if it wasn't for this.
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Excellent reply by Circes.

I joined SW in Feb 09, I'd never tried to lose weight before. Even though I only had 16lbs to lose it did take me 15mths to do so. But I was in no hurry & just took it easy I didn't stress if I never lost or if I had a gain. I've been at target for 8mths now, it's not always easy. I do see this as how I will eat for the rest of my life. I don't ever expect to go back to my old eating habbits.

Why do you think you stop SW, is it the syns, food, drink, you get bored? Let us know & we will try & help.

You can do this, but starting off thinking you're going to fail is not a good idea.


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S: 16st1lb C: 15st12lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 33.8 Loss: 0st3lb(1.33%)
Thanks for your replies everyone, I think I might have presented myself wrongly though.

I totally, fully understand that SW is a lifestyle, and the first time I started it the first thing I thought is "this is just how I should generally eat all the time".

When I started last year, I had no doubt in my mind that I would reach target in a year, and that I would reach target and maintain forever.

But like a lot of people who start SW, I fell off the wagon anyway, and I was curious to see if any target members had fallen off the wagon before - then gotten back on, once or more before reaching their goal later on.

I've been presented some disturbing information at university this year (in health psychology - obesity) that basically said approximate 5% of people reach and maintain weight loss goals, my leader last year said only 7% reach target. and the lecturer (who is very well respected in her field) regretfully said the most effective way of losing and maintaining weight loss is surgery, so that has really got me thinking this year (not so much about surgery, as more realistic goals).

From what you've all said, it seems you all reached target without falling off the wagon for a long period of time, which is amazing! You should all be very proud to be part of such a small percentage!

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