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A question for the girls....

I started Cambridge yest at 18st3lb and doing good so far. Thing is, I have really big boobs:eek: I am a 38G and I think when I was 17 and at my thinest I've been in my adult life (11 stone) I was about a 36D. Just wondering how much they will shrink and if urs had?? Would like them to get a lot smaller but not tooooo small if you know what I mean!! :D
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I went from a DD to a C on LL when I lost 6 stone. Would have liked them to be bigger.
BUT I would rather be thinner with smaller boobs than the other way around ;)
I was a size 16-ish at 19, 15 stone and remember being a 38C. I'm now a 44G but would like to go back to something similar to when I was that age.


please try again
i started at a 42 j, they dropped to a 42 f and they are now a 38g so ive no idea whats going to happen to mine by the time i hit goal, lol
when i was at 17st last time i was a 40E then i dropped to 11st 7lbs and i was a 36D!

this time round i don't quite know what boob size i really was as i had been breastfeeding up until starting CD. so i suppose i was a 40F at 16st when i started WW. i'm now back into my 36D bras but i think i'm going to have to drop to a 34D or even C! mind with breastfeeding i think they've shrivelled up a bit too.
My boobs seem to be shrinking every day since I started. I started a EE cup and I'm now a D, boo. The one thing I wanted to keep and it's the first part to go. But I guess I'll better get use to having small boobs, as I WILL lose more weight and there just gonna get smaller.
mine are doing odd things :) when i started dieting in september they were a D cup .. then they went to a C, then a B then back up to a C and currently a B again .. very odd!!
I can`t remember what I was last yr when I started dieting.

I went tonight to M&S as my bras were getting "baggy" and I have come away with a 36G! It`s slightly tight but the lady was happy with it as I am going to lose a lot more weight and it wasn`t tight enough to make a difference if that makes sense?

The bra I went in was a 42G!

Hi - yes, I lost just over two stone (going from 12st 4lbs to 10stone 2lbs) I was a 34DD when I first started dieting, and now my boobs are alot smaller :cry: and I've got a lot less 'volume' if you know what I mean? and I'm now a 32E. I'm planning on losing more weight but just don't know where my boobs will end up - hopefully not around my knees! :D
well my bras are getting loose on me :( I was a 40E and I know I am not now sadly.

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