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A Quick Update


Here we go again!
Well I've done 10 weeks now and feel great. I've lost 3st 4lbs and can't believe how quick the time has gone.

Got a great pair of jeans from Peacocks today in a size 16 (I've always found their sizes quite small before) and thought I'll try them in a couple of weeks, they might fit then. Well, they fit now! So chuffed with that. Tried on jeans in DP in a size 16, the waist was too big!! Couldn't believe it. My badminton club shirt also fits great now, can't wait for the new season to start in September.

I have a school reunion at the end of August, we left school 24 years ago and we will all be 40 when we meet. Great timing for me cos I will be slim by then! Also been invited to a party in September so again, can't wait.

Think I only have about 8 weeks left on LT now and I know that will fly by.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend, I know I will in my size 16 jeans.
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Thats fantastic. I always feel that although its great to be losing numbers it is really when you get into smaller clothes and start to see your shape changing that makes this diet so worth it.

Well done sweetie..... you will blow them away at your reunion with your new sexy skinny shape!!!!!

Niamh xxx
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That's fantastic Bev - well done, it must feel brilliant to be in those jeans....You're doing so well, and you're really supportive to everyone on here. Thanks for all your support, and good luck with the rest of your journey....you're going to knock 'em out at the school re-union!


You are an inspiration, especially for people like me who are just beginning our journey. I am hoping that some day in the near future i will be saying how happy I am with my weight loss. x


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Oh wow.....well done on the weight loss and getting in smaller jeans......cant wait to get back into mine.......

Keep up the great work


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Well done Bev. You must feel fab. Good for you going to your school reunion, I refused to go to mine a couple of years ago because of my weight, as I had doubled in size !!! and was too embaraced. So go girl !!
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Congratulations :)
That is brilliant and a real inspiration. Enjoy your weekend.


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Bev that is brilliant news- its a great feeling when you go in and try clothes on and they are TOO BIG!!!!! Your ex class mates wont recognise you!! Woo hoo!!! Here's to the new Bev xx


maintaining since June'09
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Hey Bev!! You're doing brilliantly! :D

It's great when you can get into those clothes!

You'll knock 'em dead at your reunion. You'll be able to strut your stuff in style and confidence!

Keep up the good work :):) xx
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You are as solid as a rock Bev, you really are! Once you set your mind, you went for it, and well, I dont recall seeing any post that is saying you want to eat, etc, etc, etc....you have just got on with it in your wee quiet way!

You really are testament to someone that is on a mission and will get there doing it 100%!!!!

You deserve your size 16s, but methinks that in a few weeks they will be massive! :))))

Have a great week and well done again on your 5 lbs loss this week!!
S: 18st4lb C: 15st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 3st4lb(17.97%)
Hi Bev, well done you! I wouldn't buy too many size 16's, the way you are knocking off those lbs, it will be a 12 by your reunion!
You are a constant inspiration to us all, and always there with advice and a kind word if anyone feels down, so if anyone deserves to feel slim and super sexy, its you!
Hope you have another great week!


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well done bev, your a star, i hope i make 10 weeks i dooubt it but i envy people like yoou who can, well done babe

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
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Bev, you are flying on LT this time round. You will be a stunner for your reunion. Won't be long now!!!!!!!!!!


Here we go again!
Thank you, thank you, thank you. Nearly brought a tear to my eye, all these lovely comments. You are all very kind!

Anyone not enjoying LT at the moment or just don't think they can stick with it, please do!! It really does do what it says it will. Stick to it 100% and the weight will drop off.

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