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A Really Bad Week!


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I have had a really bad week and i am worried about my WI in Thursday. I have done REALLY well over the last 3 months and I think because i have lost weight every week i am dreading this one incase i put on. Sounds stupid now i have actually written it down but in the past when i have maintained or put on i get so low about it i go off the rails. At the start of SW i kind of prepared myself for it but week after week i have lost.

What makes it harder is that my hubby is still away and when it happens i binge in the evenings. He is home Saturday, after 2 1/2 months away and don't want to feel crap and low for when he arrives. I know it's my fault i ate the sh*t food i just can't help it when i feel like this.

Someone give me a push in the right direction please!
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Haha im sure you will work it off when he gets back ;)
But iv had a really bad day yesterday....i ate chips, chocolate and sweets and had a lick of a ice cream.....grr the list is endless!

But hun im going to draw a line under it. New day today, however....i dont think im going to WI tomorrow as its still a *week and i pigged out......im going to mext weeks WI instead.

So dont worry, write it off and start again.

The thing you dont want to do is think "oh well ive blown it" and eat sh*t the rest of the week! DONT EVEN GO THERE! Its just a blip.....carry on with the good work because you know you can do it.

Now back to it !
Ruthy xxx
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Aw sweetie pie! you have done so well, we ALL have blips and to be honest some time a splurge is just what we need to get back on track. You sound like you might be a bit down because your honey has been away as well (which lord knows, I WOULD be!!)

Don't beat yourself up about it. This isn't a quick fix, it is about losing weight and learning how to eat to keep the weight off. Dust yourself off, and stop the madness now! :) Eat like you should from this point instead of using it as an excuse to keep scoffing and above all, go to WI!!!!

Be honest with your consultant and I bet you they will tell you not to worry about it. You have done fabulously well and I am sure your OH will be well impressed as well!! :)

Good luck honey and don't feel bad about it! Just get back on track NOW!!! :)



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Come on missy you can do it - you've done sooooo well to get this far you should be so proud of yourself. I cant imagine how hard it must be to have your OH away for long periods of time - but just imagine how much of a difference he will notice (regardless of if you lose this week or not!) xxx
He Wont Be Able To Keep His Hands Off You!!!
Ruthy Xxx
S: 13st0lb C: 12st10lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.6 Loss: 0st4lb(2.2%)
:massmoon:Ruthy, you dirty girl! LOL
2 1/2 months! there would only be one thing on my mind when the kids were in bed!;)

Romantic evening in....>food....>hot bath together....>bedroom......> > > > >
Ill let you guess the rest lol


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Hey Bumpy - don't be down. You've done absolutely fantastically well so far and I've got to say you were my inspiration! 30lbs in 3 months - I was going to ask you how you did it! I could do with a bit of that myself!!

I thought the weight was going to drop off me, but alas not! I've been soooo good this week and the scales have hardly moved. Even done exercise but that's not helped! Been eating 5 super speed foods a day and it looked like I was putting on weight - it's not supposed to happen like that!!

I was on the verge of having a big splurge myself yesterday but I didn't because I didn't want to undo everything I've already done!

It's just a blip for you. It's not a big deal - it's not going to undo everything you've already done! Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and start afresh. Put it behind you - don't forget about those flexible syns!! You've lost so much weight your hubby won't be able to believe his eyes!!

Don't give up on the weigh in tomorrow - I'm weighing in tomorrow too - so let's face the scales together!

Chin up and keep smiling!

Annette x

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