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A shout out to those who have lost a lot of weight...

Hi Hi everyone

I being my weight loss journey in the new year and am in the process of getting things together in preparation. I was just wondering whether anyone out there who has had a lot of weight to lose and has lost a lot of weight can give me any advice on staying focussed. I have 5 stone to lose and am breaking it down into mini targets, but I'm still very much in the 5-stone-to-lose mind frame. What I really want to know is how did you feel when you first started your diet? How did you stay focussed? and what advice/tips can you give to someone who is once again trying to lose weight.

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Plan, prepare, execute and evaluate

Hi Bella,

Excellent question...

I prepared before I started my journey. Goal setting tasks, vision board, setting myself up for success, community and the knowledge that I would not quit until I reached my goal.

The first month was the hardest (trial and error), once I got past that I was on autopilot.

I went from obese to normal weight in 6 months. (newbie, don't know what stones are)
Hi Bella,

I did Atkins and prepared by reading the book. I didn't set myself any targets really, just stuck to it
and thought I'd see how far I could go.

It worked for me, and I'm still maintaining. (cough, last few days not counted).

My advice is, don't give in, we all have the odd cheat and slip up, but it's just a blip on the journey really.
Hello! and good luck on your weight loss journey!

I found it helped to think of all the reasons why I am doing this. Not just because I "should", but real things that my size was preventing me from doing, like running around with my daughters, wearing size 12 jeans (not quite got there yet!!), feeling like the "me" on the outside matches the "me" on the inside (if that makes sense).

I also put a photo of me at my biggest on my fridge!

I've had difficult days, but have kept reminding myself that most importantly it is MY CHOICE to do this, and at any point I can choose to stop or continue. There is no pressure - it is just entirely up to me. I find that little thought really helps.

Good luck!!


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Thanks everyone. I appreciate your replies. I've started getting things together so I can start my challenge very soon. I've taken to using visual aids to help keep me motivated. I have just seen photos of me posted on Facebook from last night which are shocking. Beached Whale definitely comes to mind! I'm going to do a photo diary throughout my journey so I can see how well I'm doing too. I've never done that before, so I'm hoping it will help!

Thanks again :)
Hi there

Im a slimming worldy too (after doing every diet known to man :sigh:) and I promised myself that from day 1 I would follow the plan... its sounds slightly bonkers but I started off by telling myself that I "didn't want to eat choc/crisps whatever right now -I will have my planned meal -and if I want that choc another time then I can have it" -and to date (37 weeks in) I have had NO chocolate (apart from fibre plus bars), crisps, takeaways, sweets, bread, pastries or any other junk :D, I know it wouldn't suit a lot of people but it works for me... and now I can't remember what most of them taste like :p
I would say plan plan plan... I have meal plans in place so I know that every day I have something planned that I really like -it means I never feel Im being deprived and never get that "hm I fancy something nice head on" -I have a diary in the SW section and I have a list of most of the recipes I have done so far (on pace 62 I think) if you want to try any,,, I don't eat "diet" I cook from scratch all the time and trust me a lot of my recipes are very quick n easy...
Oh the motivation front can I suggest that as well as weighing and photos take your measurement... not just bust/waist/hips but I also do thighs, calfs, arms and all sorts.... it really keeps you going if the scales don't always reward you as you would like ;)
finally *honest* :p - I would say "be kind to yourself" I never expect huge losses and convinced myself that every week I would be gratefull for anything off-every 1/2lb is a step in the right direction :D -and it takes all the pressure off....
you couldn't pay me to come off SW to be honest.... it just makes sense,

cor that has turned into an essay :eek:
Good luck with your weight loss,......


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I lost 3 stone with SW last year and I remember how good I felt, not only because I'd lost weight but my body actually felt different inside, I had more energy, I was sleeping less and didn't feel so sluggish.
I'm back to feeling sluggish again and I hate it. I'm actually prepared to LISTEN to what my body wants and needs and not what my cravings want.

I can't really give advice as I'm starting again myself this week and have a lot to lose but wanted to wish you good luck.


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Wow, Capricorn, thanks for your reply. I appreciate everything you've said and will take a look at your recipies. You've done so well with your weight loss and are a great inspiration. Thank you.

Welshcake, I'm also adopting a slow-and-steady-wins-the-race attitude. Well done of your weight loss too!

TheMissus, good luck with your journey. Keep me posted with how you get on.

Thanks again! xx

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