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  1. telly-tots

    telly-tots Member

    Hi there

    I have just joined this site today and am feeling like a bit of a green newbie & would welcome support. I would love to feel as though there are people out there who I can share my weight/weight loss issues with as there really isn't anyone in my home life who I feel comfortable talking to about if.

    I have been diagnosed with PCOS for the last 15 years and had always struggled with my weight, I have been on Metformin for a while & more recently on Orlistat. I've tried every diet going - WW, SW, Cambridge, Atkins to name but a few but have never got more than 1 1/2 stone down before I stop (& then rapidly put it all back on again!)

    I have had a rough time health wise recently an have realised that I am going to need to deal with my weight and tackle it in a healthy way. I think I am going to do SW, but do it at home.

    I'm sick of being miserable & embarrassed about being overweight and am really hoping that this time I can succeed, I have 3 1/2 stone to lose.

    Thanks for reading & sorry for the essay, I do tend I go on a bit!!!

    Looking forward to getting to know you better

    Telly-tots x
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  3. Pigtoprincess2014

    Pigtoprincess2014 Full Member

    Welcome!! :)

    You can talk all you like that is what this sites about. I've recently re joined the site so although I'm new too, I know there's some lovely people on here. :)
    Hope SW works for you and look forward to seeing your progress!

    x Kayla x
  4. Mollyrock

    Mollyrock Full Member

    A very warm welcome x
  5. telly-tots

    telly-tots Member

    Thanks Kayla x
  6. telly-tots

    telly-tots Member

    Thanks Molly

    Did I see somewhere that you are doing SW? Hope it is going well for you 0
  7. Mollyrock

    Mollyrock Full Member

    Yer, ive done 4 wks and lost 12 and a half pound :) x
  8. telly-tots

    telly-tots Member

    Wow, that's great. Well done :)
  9. miss_bell

    miss_bell Full Member

    Hi & welcome x
  10. If at first..

    If at first.. Full Member

    Good luck, you will find a lot of support here, it can really make a difference!
  11. Daniellej89

    Daniellej89 Full Member

    Hello im a newbie too :)

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