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A Slimming world influenced dieters diary

Hi all :)
I have decided to try to keep a bit of a diary if I can stay motivated...I have been dieting on and off with success on and off, but unfortunately I have slipped back into bad habbits after having my last baby....ok ok she's 6 now and I am trying to get a grip !
Anyway sorry to subject you all to this but I think it may help me a little to stay focused. I suffer with very short term diet positivity so I have to seize the moment. I weighed myself yesterday and came in at a very homely 15st 1.... I started my diet yesterday ( I am loosely following slimming world principles as this is where i had my most success)
Anyway yesterdays diet ended there...and today is a different story :)

I don't like to eat too early in the day as it seems to set me off on the wrong foot so I didn't eat until around 1.30
Scrambled eggs, cooked with cottage cheese and a served with a small dollop of ketchup
I'd like to say it was delish, but to be honest it was boring but I had been swimming (good eh? first since the summer) and I was starving and desperate not to cheat but needed to eat soon!!

For dinner this evening everyone wanted craddy paddys (cheeseburgers)
So i cooked for them then I had my dinner which was lovely pasta with loads of peppers onion cucumber tomatoes, a big spoonful of cottage cheese and a teaspoon of aubergine pesto sacla

I've had 4 cuppas with 1 sugar each.
I don't like sweetners and all the bad stuff u read about em so i'm gunna wean myself off the sugar i thinks, cos i can't bare all those wasted syns.

Oh I also had a shape chocolate yummy creamy dessert pot thing but then found out it was 5.5 syns, very nice but i'm a bit gutted cos 28g of stilton is the same and that really is my thing at the moment.

Like i said I've been swimming and I also did 6 completely unneccessary up n down the stairs this afternoon just for the excercise.. trying to talk myself into some brisk walking with the dog soon, but i'm still finding excuses! ~
Its wet n muddy, and very cold (live in the country)
But I know i have perfectly good wellies and i wouldn't be cold once i got going...an arguement for tomorrow..
Sorry if i've bored you I promise to write less next time ! :)
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good luck losing that baby weight - I'm trying to lose mine too - my son is 10 years old !!! lol.

I find the best way is to plan my food if possible for the whole week but if I can't do that then at least for the next couple of days. It helps keep me focussed and also helps us to budget better as we've got a big holiday planned in June so need to save as much spending money as is humanly possible - very difficult when you have a car which makes strange noises and we are in the middle of doing up our 120 yr old tumbling down money pit. But if I'm honest it's probably been easier for me to stick to plan because of the lack of money in our pockets cos if I had more cash I'd give in to buying takeways etc far more often - that's what I'm telling myself anyway ....

anyway enough of my rambling. hope you have a good day tomorrow - there's loads of recipe ideas on here too in case your stuck for something tasty. x
Thanks for that Netty, I think planning definitely helps to stay in control but I'm so unorganised I can only really plan 1 day ahead at a time!! Our car was making strange noises too, sadly it passed away early December! We are now in the process of saving for its successor before we can book a holiday. I know what i'm doing for dinner tonight but not sure about lunch yet, have my girlie home today as she's been up coughing a lot of the night and she just loves.....scrambled egg...urghhhhhh. I will write how I get on at the end of the day , have a good day Netty :)
Another day, passes well...ish
Not too brill, i'm wasting too many syns on sugar, I have been weaning myself down in my tea but am not liking it too much.

Lunch was scrambled egg with cottage cheese as chosen by my poorly kid who was off school

This arvo i had 28 g of stilton with a cpl of cracker breads

Dinner was a lean pork chop cooked with red pepper & onion, with rice , mushrooms, 2 dry fried new spuds, and a pile of beanshoots.
Really enjoyed it but then a bit later forgetting the cadburys crm egg that i had yet to write down i had 1 and half pears from a tin..in juice and about 4 tbsps of custard. I don't feel like i've let myself down too much but i must be a little more in control tomorrow
Yesterdays grub went down well....ate late in the day due to being really busy and stuck in a place i couldn't eat in for hours!!
When i did eventually eat it was in a panic of sheer falling over hunger so i scoffed down a bowl of cold rice left over from last night, had a sprinkle of light salad cream and it was yuk but i didn't a second to think, not a minute to plan, and i hade crisps n goodies in the house so i had to overcome the panic quickly!!
So the rice sorted out the empty sicky feeling and the gut grumbling groans and i calmed down enough to think!!
Dinner was linguinie with salad and 1 tbsp of sacla, I had an onze of stilton and 2 cracker breads and then later i had some b box bacon on branston and cracker bread which was delish!!
In all i had quite a good day I think, probly more syns than u hardened slimming world gals but i rekon im doing better than i would be if i wasnt doing anything :)
Today might be a different story cos were off to Canterbury which will mean either a sub or a bk depending on the vote. I will indulge in either but i will have a light tea tonight...report back later.