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A sticky on lipotrim I found inspiring


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A New Woman
What a gem of a find Isis! Thank you for sharing it - it couldn't have been more well timed for me to see this. When I go on TFR, my fantasies have become about what I will eat when I've lost the weight so no wonder why I'm on my FOURTH go at this.
I've never bought into the psychology of my eating simply because plus or minus a few incidents here and there, I LOVE food. I enjoy cooking. I enjoy eating tasty food. No emotional issues there...or is that an emotional issue??? I have to really think about how to re-introduce food successfully this time round.
Thanks hun xxx


Are We There Yet?
Hi Maka :)

Glad it came at the right time for you. I feel I am obsessed with food. So, this week I have stuck to telling myself this is not forever. It is worth not having a lamb bhuna now, to know I can have it now and again in the future and look in the mirror again :)

I will be slim and I shall stay slim! I will look back on the year or so this may take me and smile. I am sailing through tfr at the moment. But it won't always be so. So I need to make myself strong in my mind while it is easy, so that by tough times and maintanace I shall be conditioned to care about falling off the wagon. I have been trying to lose weight since 17. I first went to sw at 19. I have joined sw and ww, done atkins, slimfast, cabbage soup, you are what you eat etc all that time. It is not like I don't lose weigh. I lose sometimes a lot. But when the going gets tough I flunk out. I can't do that this time. Now I need to win. If I can't do this after around 11 years of prep, then I will be super disappointed in myself.

So when I read the above thread it inspired me to think like her now. No point trying to build defences in food crisis time. Better build it while I have leisure time because it will be strong :)


Rebel without a calorie
What an amazing post. Really thought provoking. I was looking at this as a means to an end. I am now going to evaluate my relationship with food (and drink!) whilst on this journey. One thing I need to do is stop thinking of a meal out or take away as a pleasure to consumed in as large a quantity as possible. I think that mind set came from my marriage where a meal out was only for birthdays so I would stuff myself as I knew it would be another year before I would do it again. Uh oh I feel a blog coming on! That's the first time I've realised that :eek:


Are We There Yet?
Hi Kitty

It is really good to realise where our habits come from. I feel that is the first step to beating them :)

I know I use food as a crutch. My excuse is always 'If you give up drugs, you never need take them again. If you diet you still need to eat, which makes it harder'

I now know I was seriously kidding myself.

I am at the heaviest I have ever been. I am facing Bariatric Surgery as a last resort. I want to do this with with Exante. I have kids and don't want to risk my life because I lack self control. I want them to be proud of me and me to be proud of myself.

I now have a career I love, run a company I love, have kids I am very proud of and a partner whom I adore. If I can lose this weight now, the picture will be brilliant! I feel I owe it to myself to make a masterpiece instead of a splatted paint, shoddy job!lol

I love this forum. I love having you lot as diet buddies. I know Exante is quiet compared to some, but I feel we keep it going well. I am in this for the long haul. So I may as well enjoy it and spring clean my food brain lol
Hi Isis

I would seriously think about having that surgery. I think some people see it as an easy way out. I would NEVER do it, as I want to live til I am old
How can you do that if you have half your stomach missing, and are taking a cocktail of drugs to make up for the nutrients you can't absorb anymore?
I met a lady who had lost 9 stone after this surgery-she is diabetic & was facing major health issues, she said it should be a choice made after a lot of thought.
I am so pleased I have managed to lose all the weight on exante instead.

You still need willpower even after the surgery, so why not try the Ketogenic diet 1st?


Are We There Yet?
I just re read what I wrote Magggie. What I meant was I would prefer to do it with Exante. I want to feel confident turning it down next month. I am loving Exante and want to stick to it.

The operation I was going to have is the band. But many people put all the weight back on. And i really do not want the bypass. My aunt had that last year. She has lost a lot of weight. But also had to have a blood transfusion after.

I guess what I mean was, I would be more proud of myself doing it this way, rather than having the band, maybe losing a little, then ultimately failing. I want my mindset to change. Not just my weight x
Hi Isis, thanks for posting this it is truly inspiring & I think I will be looking at it frequently over the next year or so :)
Glad you are in such a positive place at the moment, keep up the good work.


Are We There Yet?
Hi Janet

I am really pleased you find it as inspiring as me and thank you for your lovely words :)

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