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A Stone To Go



try, try & try some more!
you'll do it no bother!! :D


Fairy Princess to Be
Kinda posted in a rush the other day but am now back to elaborate! As you'll see from the ticker, I have 12 and a bit lbs to lose now and am on CD1000. I plateau'd for about 5 weeks and am really struggling to keep my head in the right place; one part of my brain telling me I've done really well and deserve a break and another reminding me I'm so close and will never really be happy till I've hit goal.
So I'm gonna lurk in this thread and whinge, moan, berate and inspire my way through what's proving to be the hardest part of the diet I've had! I know anyone struggling on abstinence would laugh, but I would honestly love to be back on SS for a bit; I kinda need that discipline and I'm really struggling without it!
Anyway, kick up the backside, one day at a time and if I can get to 10 anna half stone by Christmas I'll at least be temporarily satisfied. Don't want to get my hopes up coz after 5 weeks of dieting (fairly) religiously and not losing very much at all (other considerations of course, but still upsetting) I don't want to set myself up for disappointment.
Actually, this is just what I needed, feel better already, the jar of sauce I was struggling to fit in my allowance for today is going to the back of the cupboard and I'm going to have quorn in stock with herbs with my veggies tonight and not sabotage myself with jars of fatty (but good) processed nonsense that I don't really need!
Off to update my mood icon now!
How's everyone else doing out there? Tell me I'm not the only one with about 10 different chatterboxes in my head!?!?
I'm with you too! Just over a stone to go, but may adjust goal, as I think 14lbs and I'll be done. going on to AAMW then 790 over next couple of days.

Yay! :)
Thanks Clairelesley and Slimforlive. We can do this. I think the last 14lbs can be hard to achieve but are totally 'do'able.

Anyone else out there with 'a stone to go'.

My WI is Tuesday.
Just under for me so i'm with you, just coming to end of first week of 1000 plan and its slow going so going to need steely determination over the forthcoming weeks me thinks!!

Hi Porgeous.

Whens WI?
WI on Monday but so far no loss this week, but hey ho enjoying the food! How about you?

Am good at the moment thanks for asking.

Was out last night at posh b-day do with buffet supper. A bit tricky 'cos I'm veggie and not really any chose but quiche. I went for salad leaves with a table spoon of couscous to stop them falling off the plate! My theory was everyone would be heads down to the trough before they noticed my plate nearly empty and they would assume i'd already eaten some of mine. OMG It worked! I made a few noises about being veggie and didn't realise ther would be food. Drank water all night. Easy excuse my turn to drive.

I'm a bit of a sneaky weigher and confess to jumping on the scales every morning. It keeps me going. I'm hoping for 4lbs this week . Any more huge bonus. Any less and look at the big picture. As long as i'm finished my christmas.
Hey, well done you great achievement, evenings like that can be tough. Bet you felt a great sense of pride when the following morning though! Will keep my fingers crossed for your 4lbs!!

Hi all
Can I join you !.
I`m going to get to my 10 stone target and then rethink about setting another target for getting to bmi 25 ish lol
me too il join in . after pratting around for most of the 7 weeks on this diet i am 1/2 lb short of my 1st stone . wanted to loose 2 stone in total. so im sitting at 11 stone 9 and 1/2 lb i would like to get to 10 stone 10 , then maybe head for 10 and half . so im in on this . back on track tomorrow as i find it easy enough to ss in the week , but struggle at weekends. so im going to have lots of veg for my dinner and i have upped the water ..... this time i will ss for at least 2 weeks !!!!
Welcome onboard guys, together we'll get this cracked!!

Hey Porgeous - i'm going on 1000 for Xmas - how are you finding it? Can't believe we're going to be allowed carbs!! LOL Did you do 790 for long?

(sorry for all the questions!!)

Hi Sharon

I am loving 1000 plan - the scales aren't but it isn't bothering me as I am sure it will settle down and being able to have things like museli and potatoes is just heaven. Have found that the evening meal is huge, just finished this evenings and am stuffed. I did 790 for two weeks, am going to do 1000 for another week and then up to 1200, trying to get up to at least 1200 or possibly 1500 before xmas and then probably drop back down to 1000 afterwards to lose the rest of the weight.

When are you planning to move up?

Potaoes?! I remember them! :D

I'm going to do AAMW from Tuesday, then 790 for 2 weeks, then 1000. Think I may need to do 790 for a couple of weeks after Christmas to get to my goal, but I wanted to be eating carbs by Christmas (and if truth be told, I may well put on a 2-3lbs over xmas as I've got a few parties where alcohol may accidentally fall into my glass ;))

But isn't this diet fab? I just wish I'd found out about it years ago! You've done brilliantly - you look a differnt person in your photos! must get some of mine up :)

Thanks hun, and yes yes yes it is the most fabulous diet, I call it my miracle in a carton!! I think it is all about finding something that works for you and this has been perfect for me, being an all or nothing kinda girl! Oh yes please, I'd love to see some pics!!!

You sound like you are thinking along the same lines as me, I know I won't be at goal before Christmas and am going on holiday so working up so hopefully I can maintain during the two weeks and then prepared to go back down the plans for January to get to goal.

Hi Guys.

We've got quite a nice little 'stone to go' support group going.

Sorry i've not been around today. Just been doing all the mummy stuff. Pony riding, bday parties, etc. Anyway busy hands can't be eating so all good.

Good luck with the WI tomorrow Porgeous.

Reading the posts i'm definately planning to have christmas off. Not go mad but a little bit of what i fancy. Surely thats what we should all of been learning on this journey. We should be re-educating ourselves so that we can eat properly but remember to limit what we eat. I'm sure not planning to be on a diet for the rest of my life. Well i suppose i am but a health diet with a little indulgence now and then.
Yep I think you're absolutely spot on, good most the time with a little of what you fancy occasionally. Sounds like you have been having a busy time of it - I used to do horse riding when i was a little girl but the horses scared me so it never really took off!!

Thanks for the good luck, I'm gonna need it I think the potatoes are weighing me down!


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