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A sum to work out weekly loss...

Whilst doing his Sports Science HND, My OH learned this formula to work out what your body needs to maintain your current weight. -whilst remaining stationery.

Your body weight in kilos x 3500 (the amount of calories in a lb)/ 100 (or just your kilo x 35)

So I do this wee sum -my weight = 88kg x 35 =3080
3080- 450 (approx LT calories)= 2630
2630 x 7 (weekly left out calories) = 18410
divide that by -3500 (calories in lbs) and I can guess that my loss 'should' be -

5.26 lbs

I know it never works out quite like that but it still gives me something to do and something to hope for. :D
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is loving the soup?!
ooh exciting lol...runs off to do it


is loving the soup?!
except mine comes out at more than 2900 to maintain, and I actually only need about 2300 to maintain...ah well I can work it out based on that!
like I say, i dont think its exactly right -it never really works outlike that but I still enjoy doing it. :D
this lost me numbers is all french to me lol
lol - didn't mean to freak everyone out. I just thought everyone would be like and be really neurotic about trying to predict their loss. :D


p.s. 1600 calories -misery! Fill up on 'no point' foods if I were you. ;)
nice little sum taken in the spirit you intend, just to check having followed the forumula is the answer what i colud be losing on a wekkly basis or have i mis understood what your on about lol!!!!
omg my spelling is appalling need to go to bed and recharge batteries for early flight
lol -its meant to show what you could be losing (or if taken literally should be losing -IF ONLY EH?).

Now...to bed bed with you uncle travelling mat for your flight! ;)

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