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A SW Newbie's food diary... advice and tips welcome!

Hi everyone!

I've been looking around everyone's food diaries and they're all super informative! I thought it might be a good idea to write my own so I keep motivated and also so you lovely lot can give me tips on where I could improve. I don't go to SW meetings so I'm trying to learn this whole SW shiz by myself. Hopefully I can make it work!

I'm 20 years old and I go to uni full time. At the moment I'm off for summer and I have these big wonderful dreams of going back for my final year as a skinny minny. Here's hoping!

After failing miserably in getting a job this summer I'm trying to sort out some volunteering work to keep me busy and active, preferably in a care home. Until then though I'm actually just being incredibly lazy. Which does not burn any calories or fat! So I better change that then too. :)

I'm a shorty at 5 foot and I started off at 9 stone 4lb. I really would like to be 8 stone by the time I go back to uni in October. That's the plan anyway, but I know if I aim for that, I should be happy with wherever I end up. IF I STICK TO THE PLAN.

I've only been doing the Extra Easy diet for 2 weeks now, the first week I had a great loss of 4.5lb but last week I only lost 0.5lb. I'm hoping that I have another 4.5lb week! :p

Okay so my plan today is:

Breakfast: 2 Weetabix (HEB) and raspberries with skimmed milk (HEA)

Lunch: Chicken, Ham and Potato Salad, with 2 satsumas

Snack: Muller light Smooth Raspberry and Cranberry yoghurt.

Dinner: Ham (We have lots of ham left :p), new potatoes, brocolli, green beans, carrots and gravy (2.5 SYNS)

Treat/Snack: 2 sticks of a kitkat! :D I'm not gonna lie, I'm excited. :D (4.5 SYNS)


Hopefully my syns calculations are right! :D
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Hey lady! Thought I'd pop by after you commented on my photos to see how you're getting on. Good luck for your WI next time. I was a bit of a slow loser but I got there in the end and never looked back!
Thanks! :D

Well today I literally sat on my bum ALL day and did nothing. I loved it! But tomorrow I'll be doing lots of walking and hopefully an exercise fitness video to make up for it. I need to be more active if I want to lose a stone in 10 weeks. That's the hardest bit for me, I absolutely loath exercise. I think I may change my laptop desktop background to a skinny woman for motivation. Although it may confuse some... :p

I'm trying to incorporate more syns into my diet (which is such hard work obviously :p), as I realised that during my first week when I was having 10 maltesers a day I lost 4.5lb, and the second week when I had none I lost 0.5lb. Maybe I was having too little? I don't know... but I guess I'll have more of an idea at the end of this week.

Breakfast: 2 Weetabix (HEB) and 250ml semi-skimmed milk (HEA) and strawberries
Snack: Mullerlight yoghurt

Lunch: Sunday dinner! Beef (w/o fat) veg, new potatoes and 1/4 pint of bisto gravy (2 Syns)

Dinner: Ham (AGAIN) and potato salad

Snack: Mullerlight yoghurt :eek: and 4 squares of chocolate (6 syns)


I think tomorrow I'd rather be closer to 5 syns. And I think I should really start organising my meals better, maybe schedule them with snacks so I don't end up hungry. It didn't help that I've run out of fruit either, but that should be fixed by tomorrow morning. :)
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