A SW Virgin so thought I'd do a public diary to keep me on track


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S: 16st0lb C: 16st0lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Hi :),
I'm totally new to minimins and SW so will tell you a little bit about me and why I'm here ....
My names Charlotte, am 20 years of age - 21 on 26th Dec :D - and I'm currently studying Interior Design at uni.
Ok, so me and food, well theres always been an issue there for as long as I can remember :(. As a child I was a chubster and then really overweight - all I ate was crap really. Then at the age of 14ish, my eyes opened up to make-up and boys etc etc, therefore I decided I would get fit and lose weight! And I did :), I done it all the healthy way and my way. With the weightloss came compliments and confidence, making me want to lose more weight as I saw it as an only positive thing. To lose weight quicker I decided to eat less, to the point where I was eating pratically nothing all day and obsessively exercising in the way of counting my steps - in my head - and counting pressups, situps etc. Because I wasn't eating, I became so hungry that I'd wake-up at 2/3am in the morning and binge hugely, however, this lead to me making myself sick a couple of hours later. I dropped to a size 6 and around 8st - I know it doesn't sound massively small but it wasn't done the healthy way and I looked skinny, however, I did like the concept of being a size 6 but I know it's not the way to go. Aaaaanway - gonna try and speed this up - I got fed up being sick so I stopped it around the age of 17/18. However, the binging carried on and the weight has piled on ever since - taking me to the heaviest I have ever been! :'( ... The weight piling on made me totally lose all confidence and I stopped socialising as much as possible, hate seeing people from my past who knew me as 'skinny charlotte' - I'm just massively ashamed!
So how did I get to SW? Well, I have tried all the diets in the world for maybe a day or a month, from cal counting, to exante, to atkins, to hypnosis! For the past month or two I haven't been focusing on cal counting or exercising at all as my uni work has been my focus, then last week i picked up an SW mag and it made me think to try it out. I have researched SW as much as I can, have bought the food directory 2011 - which is an amazing help - and have just planned my food plan for the week. To keep me on track - as I'm not going to meetings - I have decided to post my food diary so it makes me aware of what I'm eating and hopefully I can get feedback and maybe help others too!
My daily diary (below) is based on the EE plan as it seems the easiest, so here it is! (Planned ahead):

-2 weetabix (hexb)
-100ml goats milk (1/2 hexa) (I add water to fatty milk to make it less fatty and it saves milk too!)

-Jacket potatoe
-Salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, cucumber
-John West Tuna in Lime & Black Pepper sauce 3.5 syns
-Diet Coke

-3 grilled turkey rashers
-3 extra light philadelphia triangles (1/2 hexa)
-carrots, cauli, broccoli (steamed and lightly fried)

-Options Choc Brownie Hot Choc 3 syns
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