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A thought about tinned tomatoes

If tinned fruit in juice has to be synned, then why not tinned tomatoes?? They are, after all, a fruit tinned in juice!
On that basis I can't see why tinned fruit in natural juice (not syrup obviously) has to be synned, especially if you drain the juice. If I eat two pear halves from a tin with no juice how is that different from eating a pear??
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I really don't know but glad they are not syn'd cos I use them a lot. Guess we need to have faith that slimming world have worked this all out for us and they are ok! :)


I've also wondered about this and you cant blend and mash fruit but you can with veg!
but if SW told me it worked I'd happily dance round the street wearing it :p
Doesn't make sense to me. All tinned fruit is heated in the canning process including tomatoes so I wonder why SW sees them as syn free but doesn't see other fruits the same way? Hey ho, the plan works so I guess I'll just carry on following the rules!


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But you are unlikely to sit down and eat the tomatoes on their own - they are used as an ingredient in meals so your intake is naturally limited while with tinned fruits it would be easy to over consume - there will also be less sugar in the tomatoes I imagine


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i would assume that tomatoes dont sugar the way fruit does when cooked. Im not really sure? I eat a lot of tinned toms though... almost daily!


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Don't quite understand what you mean by "don't sugar the way fruit does"?

I dont really know but I thought the process of cooking fruit changes the natural sugar somehow and thats why cooked apples arent free etc? I did say i wasnt sure... but i know something happens to fruit to make it syned when its cooked lol


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According to SW tinned, cooked and processed fruits are synned because people tend to eat a lot more of them than in their natural state.

They have a higish natural sugar content which isn't too much of an issue when you eat an apple say. But when you drink a carton of apple juice you consume far more. The effort required to eat processed fruit is a lot less. It's a myth that the sugar content changes or is altered. It just becomes far easier to eat too much and consume more sugars.

Veg doesn't have that high sugar content.

Tomatoes are technically a fruit, so are peppers incidently but both are classed as veg because they do not have the sugar content nor act like other fruits.

Don't know if people understand where I'm coming from or getting at. I can dig out the geeky science bit if needed.

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