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a veggie dino!


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really looking forward to losing the weight. used to do sw years ago (pre children) and went from about 11 stone right down to about 9 stone but the sad thing is i never thought of myself as being "thin" at 9 stone.

have tried ww over the last couple of years...doesnt work for me. people were flying past with their loses whereas i was just moving up/down a lb lol.

i am hoping that i dont have much of the "saggy tummy" syndrome when i get down to my target weight due to four kids on the youngest two being twins. i didnt put on a lot of weight during my pregnancies. even with the twin pregnancy i dropped to 11 stone from 11/13 due to sickness then after giving birth i weighed myself when i got home one week later to see i was back to 11 stone!

i am a nightshift worker just one night a week but used to do 4 shifts a week doing earlies/lates and that helped to keep me at the 11 and a half mark but the change in shifts meant i was more stationary (the blasted pc being too addictive!) so i went up to about 12/5 which is my starting weight.
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an update from start of my journey to now.

joined sw 20 june 2009 weighing in at 12.5 1/2

week 2 - 5lbs off
week 3 - 2lbs on overeating basically thinking i would be second time lucky
week 4 - was doing an extra shift at work so no weigh in
week 5 - 1/2lb off. pretty good going considering i was still trying to be lucky!
week 6 - 4lbs off!!!! toed the line from last week!! well most of it!! fri/sat/sun were happy food days!!

so i am now at 11/12 and i have gained the 1/2 stone off award!!! lovely sticker on my book!!!


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will update tomorrow with what i eat but every morning for breakfast its 28g porridge with one scan bran which is ok if you add some jam to it lol. i munch on it while my porridge is whizzing around in the microwave and waiting for the kettle to boil for my cuppa. i have half spoon sugar with my coffee and milk so thats about 1 syn off my daily 10 allowance (70 a week)

what i have after that depends on my mood/time. so i decide in the mornings what i am going to be having. i want my healthy eating to fit in along with the family meals although lunch is different as we all have different things and i dont eat with the kids simply because i like my peace and quiet to eat my lunch after i have done the mob!!


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breakfast - porridge and scan bran, coffee, milk and sugar

lunch - 3 multigrain ryvita with quark (chives, salt and pepper). a wee apple pie. didnt weigh it (its 3.5 per 28g) so need to buy another one and weigh it lol. mini milk ice lolly which is 1.5.

evening meal - going out for it, a nursery get together, so its a fruit cocktail to start with followed by a veggie noodle stirfry. i have asked for a half portion cos i know its a large portion. no idea on how that will be pointed so its a case of being back to normal tomorrow and taking it from there.


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yesterday was another no count day.

was back to normal today despite eating a mars bar, some of those rice infusions, a taxi caramel bar. i do that after a nightshift....go for the choccie.
nightshift again tonight so either going to have another bowl of weetabix or see if i can be bothered to cook myself something. chickpea/mixed beans in the cupboard.


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Well done keep up the good work!!!

yesterday was a bit of another day of having to much yummy food. good intentions in the morning but after i had my sleep i headed for the choccie again for the quick fix. then i had a doughnut and crisps at night. really need to be firm with that and have other stuff available.

today great so far, my weetabix and milk for breakie. then i have the left over home made veggie mixed bean chilli for lunch with brown rice (no white rice left lol)not sure what i will have for tea but will sort that out later.

i have those weetabix oaty bars in for my next healthy b extra. i do tend to be pretty good after the weekend.

pretty chuffed that someone at work who i havent seen for yonks noticed i have lost weight!! only 7lbs and she notices!! even dh said that the size 16 trousers i had on yesterday were too baggy. it was those smart trousers i was wearing cos couldnt be bothered to iron casual ones.

thats the kick up the backside to get moving the rest of the weight off :D
Compliments do make you feel great and more determind hope the rest of your day goes as well as this morning.
Im having jacket potatoes and low fat cottage cheese for my tea tonight. Im really looking forward to it :D

Tess x


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cottage cheese.....nope! couldnt have that!!

i adore baked potatoes though. when i do them now i wrap them in tin foil as i find they are more moist than doing it the normal way which is why i smother mines in ****** (not going to say what in case others go running to use it then accuse me of breaking their diet lol)

might actually have that for tea, decisions decisions lol
hmmm kind of nervous about this weetabix oaty bar, although its been said elsewhere it qualifies for a healthy extra, my leader didnt seem to know much about it :sigh: so do i just leave it as a hexb or just put it as a syn food ?
just had one and i cant beleive something that tastes so good qualifies for a hexb! lol

i have been good so far give or take the oaty bar. had the chilli and rice for lunch...hugeeeeee portion lol.
couldnt be bothered cooking so i had porridge for my tea, the oaty bar is shunted out for it and i will just syn it.

oh still got my "yummy" scan bran to have later lol

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