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A WWYD Question


Below 190lbs... wohooo
Although I know the answer. Been invited out with a new group of friends on Friday night. I really want to go as previously I've always turned down chances cause of my lack of self-confidence. Now I have lost a bit of weight I am feeling better. Problem is they are going to an all you can eat buffett, cocktails and then dancing. Can't eat, can't drink so not sure if I should just not go to avoid temptation. I could go and just sit with a glass of water but I'd feel really silly and doubt I'd be up and dancing without a couple of glasses of wine....:confused: I'm just not sure, the other alternative is to take a night off? Any advice? As I say this is a new group of people and I only know 1 girl so I don't really want to have to explain about the diet
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I took Christmas Day off. Started off with good intentions but they flew out the window after a couple of glasses of champagne! I think it was about 5lb gain the next morning but managed to get that off by next weigh in (in fact still lost 1lb that week). But was straight back on it next day.

If I were you I would probably cheat (not saying you can't have a good night out without eating drinking as I did that at the work xmas party :)) but you'll be more at ease which helps getting to know people plus work life is as important to me as being slim. To have friends and be happy at work is a must!

It's up to you hun, just remember if you do your loss will take a battering and its hard to get back on it (although I didn't feel bad just hungry).
If there is only 1 person you know, I think I would be tempted to give it a miss to be honest. But on the other hand, if you did go, you could always stick to chicken breast or grilled fish with green veg and water. Or just simply explain that you had a stomach upset and would be sticking to water, to avoid having to explain the diet to everyone.


Below 190lbs... wohooo
Ohhhh decisions. I think I might just have the night off but try not to go mad (can't afford to!) The food wont be too much of an issue as I'll stick to what kered said. Maybe just drink white wine spritzer and alternate with water?
If you are going to be drinking white wine, have a look around the boards, I am sure I read that its not good for you to drink alcohol while you are in ketosis and it can have some nasty side effects. Because I dont plan on drinking, I didnt take too much notice of it, but its around somewhere, best to double check hun, dont want you to be ill.
Just ask yourself is it worth taking yourself out of ketosis for this one night, with only 1 person that you know. Look how hard it can be to get into ketosis when you start on lipotrim - would you really like to go through all that again?

Not trying to put you off going out here, I sound like a nagging Mother lol, but just weigh up all the positives and negatives before you make that final decision.
Lipotrim really plays havocs with our minds and brains. I couldnt get to WI today because of snow, and I am working tonight. I have been forced to eat grilled chicken and green beans (Not eaten yet, its for later), my mind was telling me on one side to enjoy it as the Pharmacist said it wont take me out of ketosis, but on the other hand I was thinking if I eat it tonight I might be tempted to have it more nights. Grrr life huh?.....lol.
i think i would give it a miss personally as i arent into going out dancing or anything like that

but we are all different and do what you think is right
I would say you have to turn them down. It's not what you want to hear, but it's the safest bet. This program is very strict and demands a lot of sacrifices, and this is one of them. The social life takes a hit for those few weeks or months that you're on the program. Many people get to the stage where they are almost subconciously looking for a reason to come off the diet, especially one they can blame on outside factors. To me, this seems like one of those things. It's just temptation, in a different form. There's nothing particularly special about that night out, that you've described, which makes it a must-not-miss event.
I hope you make a decision you are happy with. For me, I have been on this diet too long to give up what little social life I have - too much time spend taxiing children to activities and working!!! - so have gone to every event I have been invited to and just stuck to sparkling water. I went to several parties with food, barbeques and girlies nights out with no problems at all. I love dancing so would spend my time dancing and melting some more of my fat and leave the others to get legless and fat!!! Lol!!!!

Difficult decision but it has to be yours. Just remember if you do have a night off you will knock yourself out of ketosis and have to redo the first week again - it is harder second time around.

Good luck.


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