A-Z how fast can you type

4.078 seconds!!

Then again I do type for a living and I am a secret geek so suppose no surprise!

I won't do this as I'm not supposed to be here :eek:

My claim to fame though, is that I came first in the Dorset Championship for speed typing using an old fashioned typewriter

Got a brand new shiny cup too :D:D

Okay, this was about 30 years ago:eek:
Okay, my lad has managed 3.14....something. Too many hours on MSN me things:rolleyes:

Anyone beat that?
OK BBFM!! That is tomorrow at work sorted!! I shall mail you something less than 3.944, either that or I will spend all day at work doing it.

Okay, so I only got 5 point something.

How dare my son score better than me:mad: :D