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Am getting so annoyed now!! All I have managed to lose in 2 weeks is a pound!! Now I have a great deal of weight to lose and can't understand why it not shifting! I record everything that I eat and drink and am well within calorie levels for my weight loss goals. I am under 20 g carbs every day for last 4 weeks!! Am so thinking of going back to slimming world!!!
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Aww don't be too hard on yourself, you've lost 42lb already! Can't wait to see that figure of loss for me!!.... Maybe read the book again as if starting afresh and go back to basics? Sorry if that's not much help xx


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Could you write out your food diaries here? It's impossible to say what might be up without seeing them- sometimes it's one sneaky little thing. Do you use Atkins bars or anything?
I agree with rosebug - a tiny thing could be stalling you. Go back to basics - lean and green as they say. Cut out the bars and shakes and SF sweet things and ration the cheese.

You've lost a lot of weight and losses do slow over time - on any diet. I hope you see a good result again very soon x
You lost 11lbs in the first two weeks, its rare for people to be able to maintain that momentum and sometimes can see a stick for a week or two after such a big drop.

Unfortunately there is rarely a quick fix to drop a large amount of weight in a short period of time that is healthy. It usually also took a fair bit of time for the weight to go on so it can take as long for it to come off frustratingly so!

You have done amazingly well so far, stop being so hard on yourself, find a way of eating that you can sustain for the long term and try to commit to that way.

I find it really hard to lose weight on any diet now (really should see if there is a reason for that with my doc!) but I stay with Atkins as it makes me feel better and doesn't give me that bloaty feeling - I can instantly see the difference if I stray from it as well :)

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