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AAAARRRGGHH! Putting on weight on SS+!!!

i know i have only been on it for 2 days, but as a serial weigher, i hopped on the scales and have put on half a pound.

this is such a tiny amount in the grand scheme of things but i have steadily lost weight with no fluctuations upwards.

also, i am really hungry, despite still being in mild ketosis and worry about my self control around food.

any advice as i still want to lose 10 lbs?

this diet sure has it's highs and lows, i was celebrating getting in the 11's and now am back to 12..!:break_diet:
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Don't worry about gaining a few lbs, it's probably because you have more food 'inside you' :)

Try drinking a lot of water to stop the hunger!

Good luck !!

xx Lostris


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Your weight can fluctuate for all sorts of reasons... coming up to totm, sitting to long, not drinking enough water, missing shakes, heat...

I found the bars took me out of ketosis and let in hunger pangs...so you could try avoiding them for a few days to see if it makes a difference.

Also, psychologically the last stone is always the toughest.

Hang in there!

Love Mini xxx
thanks lostris and mini xxx

i am drinking more than i was (about 5 lts now instead of 4) as i anticipated changes, i have only shakes, never bars or anything else, my exercise is the same, i don't have totm changes, i can't find any good reason for a gain and am MAD!!!!

thanks for your support, i am just so cross to eat like a sparrow and GAIN on the scales, even though i know it can't be fat, more likely water.

i just need to knuckle down and get on with it don't i??

Big H

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It is impossible to gain fat on SS+ and since Fat is the only thing we are trying to lose, just ignore the scales. There are lots of factors why the Scales can tell you things you don't want, but none of them are because you have gained fat. SO STOP WORRYING :D


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when i switched to 810 my scales were showing a gain then dropping to the same as last wi and then a gain, but cdc scales showed a 2lb loss! I still haven't seen this loss on my scales!
I'm sure you'll be fine. As for the hunger, try slim thru supplements, they work for me. :)
Thought this might help you - do know how you feel - but despair not!!! I was utterly shocked today at WI - I have really struggled all month and only lost 3lb in four weeks :( But two things made me feel better today - I have just started the 810 plan on Friday, and since then, I have lost two pounds!!! But more shockingly in the light of my lack of movement on the scales, I have lost a whopping 4 inches off my waist, two off my hips, one of my thighs and one and a half off my arms!!!! Amazed!!!

So don't panic if the scales get static - get out the tape measure!!!!:D
However, for the last 2 weeks I have gained weight on SS and lost no inches in fact gained 2 on boobs and waist. No reason and this is an expensive way to gain. If nothing positive happens this week I have to go on SS+again where I was successful or stop the diet.
thanks all for your support.

Dogtanian - i have been watching your progress with interest, i hope i can get moving like you

msblonde - what is slimthru, is it ok to take on cd?

Angela - i feel your pain, it is an expensive and not very fun way to gain weight! ben and jerry's would be more fun! i hope you have a good WI this week, you and me both!

thanks for that coley but i weigh in the nud first thing, after a wee and before breakfast so i don't think it will make a difference!

(that makes it sound like i weigh myself three times! i weigh naked before i have eaten anything is what i meant to say! i only weigh once, i'm not a complete nutter!!)
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I dont know how your doing it hun, i do switch between milk one day and protein the other. I drink on average 5-6 pints of water a day, i dont eat bars as of today because they have taken me out of ketosis grrr and i have been exclusively ss with porridge
i know i never weigh in the evening, it's too depressing, i always weigh first thing after wee-wee and before anything passes my lips!!

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