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morning! this is going to sound so silly, but i am freaking out slightly... i weighed myself this morning and it seems such an insignificant amount but ive put on half a pound, i know its such a stupid amount to get worked up over but its the first gain ive had in 4 months and i havent strayed from the abstinance programme at all so have no idea what could have caused it?! please help guys, im so worried! :cry:
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Don't panic. If you have stuck to the plan, it can only be water retention. It will soon come off again in a big whoosh. Try upping your water intake if u can. WELL DONE so far!!!
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don't worry. it happens. it is not fat.

check my weekly weight losses in my signature. i never strayed off plan, but losses were erratic at times.

stick to the plan - it works!

well done so far
daisy x


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it sounds like water weight, nothing to worry about, but I can well identify with your feeling of panic!! Don't worry, it will be gone before you know it!

thanks for all your replies guys, i know it is ridiculous to get so worked up!! ive upped my water a bit because when i thought about it i didnt drink too much yesterday so hopefully that will have helped :)


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its just the body holding onto the water :)
dont fret emz you is fine ('',)
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Keep calm honey, it WILL be ok, our bodies do odd stuff sometimes, you KNOW that you stuck to the plan so it can only be water..... Even if you have a teeny tiny gain this week, next week will be better. Keep the faith!
step away from the scales!! I had a couple of weeks where I put on a pound even though I'd stuck to the programme completely. The following week I'd lose 7. Try not to obsess about the numbers. If you're doing what you're supposed to be doing you'll be fine and it'll all fall off in the end! xx


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thanks guys :D i weighed myself this morning (naughty i know!!) and i was 2lbs down, phew! if it happens again i wont stress out so much :) its such a relief to be able to post on here, dont know why i didnt start 4 months ago when i first began the programme!

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