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AAGHHH!! Weather!

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Spent a couple of hours trying to get younest dtr to school before giving up. Cars were abandoned all the way down both roads in to the village! I got stuck and had to be pushed out. Then turned a corner, only didn't, and hit a hedge ABS brakes juddering. Then got home to a phone call asking me to get oldest dtr. I can walk to get her, but it was her and 3 friends as they can't get hold of their parents, and the teachers are panicking about getting home. I was so looking forward to the gym and stuff after christmas. I work til 1pm then pick up at 3.30pm so only ahve a small window anyway. But they have only been back 3 days since christmas so far! Only been to gym once, since 21st Dec. It's costing me asmall fortune. ANd I hate not exercising. I went yesterday, and it seemed like I had never been before. Three weeks ago I was running 10km in an hour, now I can't imagine running for 10 minutes. It's unbelievable how quickly you can lose fitness. I need to wer a bikini in 11 and a half weeks!!!!!!!

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I will succeed!!!
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HUG! Sounds like a bad day hun! Hope it gets better xxx


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I took my son to his 'drop off point' (let him walk the last 5 mins or so on his own) this morning At 8.55am an email arrived saying the school was opening at 10am.



I will succeed!!!
S: 13st3lb C: 12st8.5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 0st8.5lb(4.59%)
8.55? Are they serious? Who lives within 5mins of the school? Tsk that's a bit silly to ditch onto the parents!

This is one of my biggest fears in my 'not sure I want kids' stuff. We live where we do because of the great catchment area, but work 26miles away from this area...so these things would be horrid to deal with (I sympathise greatly).



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Don't despair! Your muscles have "memory" and you will find you regain your fitness very quickly. I had 6 weeks off and it's only taken me 3 weeks to get back to my best and I bet you're WAY younger than me :p.
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iv missed two days of work, which have resulted in me faffing around the house, with nothing to do unpaid.. grr

the snow is a beautiful sight, but so unpractical and annoying!
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It looks like a huge foggy skating rink out there. I don't wanna move!!! I sent pictures of the snow to my brother who sent me back a live cam of Bondi Beach. He lives 5 minutes walk from it. Thanks Bro!!!

Oh well gotta go out in it. Driving throught the slippery ungritted lanes. Wish me luck.

Good Luck Lynda - things can only improve! By the way, were you able to get your boiler fixed? Hubby asked me last night how you were getting on. Sorry if you've posted and I missed it...
S: 12st6lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 0st2lb(1.15%)
We ahve heat and hot water, though it's not completely fixed. Thanks for asking Roz. It was a nightmare because still under warranty and the installers and boiler people were arguing over whose problem it was through me, each refusing to come out until the other one had confirmed it wasn;t them. Eventually I got them both out. I did have to burst in to tears twice on two people first though. It's an exit pipe that's frozen. So the boiler people pulled it out, and I ahve a bucket under it to catch the drips instead. EWventually, when it's all calmed down, they'll come back out, fix it, and the installers will slope the pipe to try and stop it happening again.

ANd I got little one to school, and me to work OK, but it was a bit hairy! Looks like it's all thawing. For once, I really won't be sad to see all the snow and ice go. Four weeks is enough.


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