AAM: to chew or not to chew?


Hello Peeps,

forgive me if this a bit of a FAQ, i'm a newbie.

Why does my CDC recommend an AAM week? I've noticed some post on here from people saying they have never done AAM. Is it for health reasons? or just so you can eat?
How can it effect your weight loss?

thanks for listening..

My counsellor is 'old school' cambridge and hasn't once mentioned an add a meal week and I'm on week 14. I'll be interested to know this too. Thanks for the thread! Dizzy.
Ok you should do Add A Meal every fifth week as it means you fit in with the COMA report recommendations on VLCD's. It also I find helps you realise that food is a good thing in the right types and quantities.

As it is solely protein you won't fall out of ketosis and more importantly because it is low calorie it won't affect your weight loss.

You may find that week you do lose less due to a little water retention but the next week it will fall off.

So my advice is you should do it (or if not talk it over with your GP and get his/her written approval not to)

Thanks icemoose... so it's recommended by the men in white coats. I 'm sure it's good practice at eating normaly(ish).

But, why is it recommended? Bowels/digestive processes? protein types? psychological reasons? I'm just curious, and I'm looking forwards to a bit of boring chicken!
The COMA report recommended that although VLCD's were proven safe that they recommended you didn't do them for more than 28 days without seeing a doctor. Therefore to adhere with this Cambridge recommend that you eat every 28 days so you adhere with this.

OK, Thanks Icemoose.

I suppose the men in white coats couldn't officially say it's ok to do this endlessly. Which makes sense. Although I think the shakes etc have a better vitamin/mineral content than my usual diet. My GP is a grumpy old duffer who wouldn't let me do CD when I discussed it with him. He infered I just didn't have any self discipline. So i'm glad to be able to avoid his attention! Bring on the chicken!.....