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AAM Tomorrow - Question

Tomorrow is my first day of AAM. To be totally honest, i am really worried about eating again. My fears are normal, so i was told, but what if it starts cravings for food.

I have read through the AAM list of foods and see that i can have 2oz of chicken, is this cooked weight or uncooked? How much veg can i have, and what size is a serving spoon?

Any tips as to what spices i can add to chicken to give it an extra kick would be appreciated x

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Well some people have said it's cooked and some said it's uncooked - I did mine last week and had cooked weight. I have lost 3.5lb this week so can't be bad!

I used some spice mixes on my chicken - one was just called "chicken seasoning" and was in a jar, used garlic powder and even experimented with Cinnamon! it was actually quite nice!

As far as the veg is concerned, it's a bit of a struggle trying to judge 2 tbspns. I just did what I thought was right.

Good luck with it :)


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I have been told not to panic at AAMW as the amount of food is that small!! plus it is only protein and veg no carbs so shouldn't affect anything... I'm not nervous about mine (as it is a while away yet) but I'm thinking will make me less phobic about eating...

Veg is 2 tbsp...

Keep it going, you are doing really well..

hi, it is cooked weight, but stay away from anything that is onion or garlic, it can put you out of ketosis. Chicken seasoning you will have to check because of salt content. Also. you need to use a tablespoon, or a spoon you would use to dish up, and again this is after it is cooked. For instance, spinache raw seems loads, dry fry it and it goes to nothing. Yiu will be surprised at how it fills you up. And it will not start cravings. Just make sure you keep you water intake up.
Thank you all for replies. I will look at the seasonings in the shops tomorrow.

Hopefully i will be worrying for nothing and will really enjoy the change.
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I did my first one last week and was nervous like you (chk posts a week ago!) but it went well and didn't start off more cravings once I got into it - I had my meal about 6-7pm and actually found it hard to fit in all the shakes and soups (i skipped bars last week).
Good luck, it is quite nice eating under controlled conditions - because we are meant to!

I am coming to the end of my AAMW,I am veggie so eating tofu and cottage cheese,however my CDC said you have a piece of protein about the size of your palm(chicken etc) and then 2 handfulls of veggies so I chop onion,cabbage,mushrooms etc raw and then just put 2 handfulls into the frying pan with a spray of 1cal oil and stir fry :) My fav is soy sauce but i have also used curry powder,mixed herbs etc

HTH Sonya
I Had my AAM last week and had more than the recommended allowance. I bought a steamer from Amazon for £10 and chucked everything in and left it for 20 minutes.

Fresh cod with the veggie soup over is lush - you must try that. I normally had a range of veg each night for example mushrooms, leeks, asparagus. I had more than we are suppose to but I was not planning to lose much last week I just wanted to enjoy eating for 1 week. I really enjoyed my week and all my food was served on a small plate.

In the weigh in on Sat I lost a staggering 4lbs!! I went on my scales today and 2lbs shifted overnight so eating 2 spoonfuls of extra veg did not effect me.

It was a great week and made me realise that the portion sizes in this country as massive! Plus I don't feel staving anymore.

Hope you're enjoying AAMW. I know its a bit different from my 790 but I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

I'm not sure if you're allowed the same things as me but you could try a little stirfry. Chicken, Beansprouts, Mushrooms and anything else you fancy. We put a tiny amount of light soy sauce in ours...not sure if thats strictly allowed but you could add some spices.

Good luck with it anyway.

I started my aam week three weeks ago and TBH loved it so much I'm still doing it three weeks later, It hasnt sparked off any cravings and I've lost 7 lbs in the last two weeks. It really fills me up and I love being able to have a meal in the evening(or a mouthful!!)Its like bunny says it makes you realise how big our protions usually are!


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