AAM Week

So.. I've been thinking about whether or not to do AAM week.. and have deicded that I am going to follow the diet to the letter. Therefore in 22 days from now I will be experiencing REAL food once again :)

My original concern was that I would not be ready to reintroduce myself to food once again and that I needed more time to assess my relationship with food but I have considered that avoiding it may not be the right decision for me. I need to take the whole process as a learning experience and I feel that discipline is a huuuge part of that.

This is my reason for asking all of you little chefs out there if you have any inspirations for add a meal weeks. I love chicken and turkey... but really am not too keen on fish. I've never had quorn or tofu... and I think I will give the cottage cheese a miss this time round. I do however looooove vegetables (I know, I'm weird lol). :eek:

I know it's not for a while... but forewarned is forearmed... gives me time to plan and buy the ingredients... also time to look forward to cooking and real food! :)

I ask you... Please help me with some inspiring recipes.


I don't like fish much either. A nice thing to do is simmer chicken or quorn chunks in a little marigold bouillon, and add shredded cabbage + seasoning to taste. As long as the cabbage is cut extremely finely, it's like an oriental soup.
Ann x
Ooh i love fish! so on my 'good' days in my AAM week (as had a few not so good...
I had fish, with a small helping of veg and LOVED it! Graham doesn't like proper fish (only chippy sort) so it was nice to treat myself.

I'm hoping to avoid AAM week for a few weeks as was really bad till this week.. fingers x'd my CDC doesn't make me do it! I might just 'pretend' if she does! lol

Good luck.. you'll be amazed by the loss in the next 22 days though i'm sure! ((hugs))
I've decided to go AAM too, Like you I am worried that physically eating on something will tempt me over to the dark side (pizza, chocolate cheese etc). I love veggies too, but two Tablespoons is nothing! I'm going to have to chew really slowly to make it last a good hour !
I love quorn, its really nice, but I'll have to ask my CDC if quorn sausages are allowed, or whether it's just the mince. Ill be over the moon if I can have even a bite of a quorn sausage ! lol
I hate plain cottage cheese blegh, but love it with pineapple- which I don't think is allowed ! :(
I cant wait either to plan what I can have again !!
Absolutely love AAM weeks and did them all the way through the plan :D Really feel it's crucial to incorporate food along the journey - teaches great control and hugely increased my confidence.

Must admit I wasn't too adventurous and have stuck to chicken or fish - wasn't sure what to do with quorn as I would normally have it in some kind of sauce. Don't worry about the small portions - you'll still be having your normal packs each day so will find the extra meal is really very filling.