AAM week


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Heya everybody, was just wondering what average weight loss was on AAM week? I am only on my first week of CD, but considering not doing AAM if it affects weight loss too much. Any advice is great!!:p
I should be on my first AAM week this week, but chose not to do it, I did the first day... but it affected my feelings towards food! Loving the abstinence and the whole eating food thing messed with my head, even though it was allowed! So I chose to miss it, from what people say, they may lose a little less on AAM week but then they lose more the following week.

I'm going to reintroduce AAM when i'm closer to target, can't handle it now, I love the diet as it is :)
I lost more on AAM week than any other so far, the amount of extra food you eat is minimal so it shouldn't cause any change in loss. And as Kirstin says losses average out anyway. I didn't have to consider the problem of giving up food because I've gone straight to 790.
I know some people don't do AAM, I think it would be something to look forwards to for some variety. The only downside for me was it made me realise how little I like the packs.
AAM will keep you in ketosis but it actually helps with weight loss from what I have heard. It gives the metabolism a kick I think.

Someone who knows about it will be along to tell you better soon. I have started back on a AAM week to preparing for SSing and I have lost about 7lbs this week. But this is because I was a naughty girl and my glycigen stores would of started filling up again. I think weight loss stays between the 2 - 3lbs mark regardless because its still a very low calorie intake.

As I said though. Someone who knows what they are talking about will be along soon!!