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AAM Week


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Quick question please fellow CD'ers.

Is there a medical reason to do AAMW? When I did LL it wasn't required, so I'm wondering why it is on CD. Also I'm worried that if I have food, then I'll be tempted to pick once the week is over.

Replys and thoughts please?

P. :cool:
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Hi Pele

I feel exactly the same, my AAM week should be next week and i'm worried that eating "real" food even if it is only chicken and veg it will start cravings and i'll be tempted to eat other things. I don't really want to do it but my CD tells me that AAM week is recommended every 5th week so that your body doesn't become food phobic, and it speeds up your metabolism.

Some more advice would be great though!


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I've said this before, so excuse me if you've read it. It's just that I'm such a firm believer in the AAM part.

I believe that people fear AAM because their perception of it is faulty. You are eating real food anyway. There is nothing about Cambridge not being real food. It's just packed with vits and minerals....but it's real! Honest;)

If you've been having bars, you've been chewing too. I rarely hear people say that they are too frightened to have a bar in case they rush off to the shops to buy a Mars bar, yet they fear a tiny piece of chicken and 2tbls of veg.

Just make sure you get your breast of chicken if that's what you having. Cut it into 3 (or whatever) and freeze the other two parts. Do it in the morning when you are less likely to tempted. You will then only have the spare bit at hand.

Chop it up and put it in soup if you must. I could never think of it as a meal. It really was too small.

People build this AAM up in their heads and it becomes such a huge thing to worry about.

Just relax and enjoy another addition to your cambridge day :)


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Hi Karen,

I appreciate what you're saying but would like to add that I don't fear the AAMW at all. I'm questioning if there's a medical reason to do it. Also, I know we are eating/drinking real food, but it's not our 'normal' food so to speak. So not wanting a Mars bar after having a CD bar isn't, in my mind, the same as not wanting a roast dinner after chicken, cauli and brocolli IYSWIM?

P. :cool:


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Hi Pele,

I am on AAM this week and I was given the same advice as Sue - that it should speed up metabolism etc.... I was/am a bit sceptical cos SS is working so well but I am doing as I am told.

When I bought all my food for the week (online - I could not go to the supermarket) I weighed all the chicken/fish/quorn out into individual bags before putting them into the freezer so that I will have correct portion sizes. But Karen I am having two serving spoons of veg, not tablespoons - is this too much?? it is what the yellow booklet suggests.

Anyway I haven't ventured onto the scales yet, but I will say I am feeling more bloated this week...must be all the gas from the cabbage:eek:

Good luck with your AAM week - I'm sure it will kickstart SS again the next week.


The reason you technically have to have an add a meal is that the EU guidelines state you must for safety reasons. If you want to skip add and meal, you have to get a medical form signed by a doctor to say you are fit to do so.

The reason LL don't have add a meal is cause you have to get a form signed by the doc every 4th week anyway (or at least your bp etc taken)

Lenny - go for the tablespoons, not serving spoons. The yellow book is still full of typos! (forgetting to even write how many a recipe serves sometimes!)

AAM is ace....helps with control which I reeeeeeally need to get under my belt.:sigh:

Good luck!