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This is the last time!!
Sorry to ask this here, but my CDC is notoriously difficult to get hold of, and as I saw her before this came up I'd really appreciate an answer.
It has been decided that my work will have a meal out on Wednesday. Now, bit of background, I am deputy manager of a kids nursery and the past few weeks have been really hard, to the point that one member of staff has handed her notice in. Morale is not high. So, to cheer everyone up we thought we'd combine leaving drinks with a meal out for general chats.

All good, except, where do I fit in? I can't not go as the deputy manager. But I really don't know how I will cope surrounded by everything. I've managed so far at kids parties, but this is so different.

I have the menu for the place here, and there is a tuna salad:
Mixed salad with tuna, capers (yuck), jalapenos, sweetcorn, sunflower seeds, American Dressing (would leave off) and Garlic Bread (would give away).

Do you think I would be able to have the above meal just for one night? I am completely comitted to the diet, have no intention of cheating so if you say it isn't an AAM type meal, I'll go and torture myself with a glass of water.
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ok i would suggest asking for just the tuna and salad because i dont think you are allowed sweetcorn or sunflower seeds... but appart from that, as long as its not tonnes you should be ok... oh and check that the tuna was in brine not oil :) just act like your enjoying it and no one will care espescially if they know your on a diet
good luck, be strong and resist temptation for pudding etc :)


This is the last time!!
Pudding isn't an issue for me, definitely a savoury all the way kind of girl.
Have decided that I will just go and have water though I think. I don't think I am 'emotionally ready' to start eating and stop, if you see what I mean?


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I think your making the right decision Jan. Personally the menu doesn't sound that tempting. If your having doubts then it's best to stay on track as i'm sure you'd just feel so guilty afterwards.
You can do it, damn girl you avoided all the food at the parties and bbq that the tuna salad should hopefully be easier to turn down.
Have a great evening, and do what you feel is right for you.xx
I don't think I am 'emotionally ready' to start eating and stop, if you see what I mean?
I know exactly what you mean, I am now on day 12 of being 100% and although I am looking forward to getting to the stage of adding a meal, at this moment I am not ready and if I ate I know I would find it so difficult to go back to just shakes.

It will be hard at the meal but it will be worth it, let us know how you get on

Good luck


Most restaurants will give you what you order - so just order the salad leaves (no dressing) and tuna - say you have a dodgy stomach if anyone asks. I asked for plain fish and veg no dressing and that's exactly what I got - the waitress asked if I was allergic to dressing or just didn't like it and I said the latter. No-one passed any comments at all. Just be brave and ask for exactly what you want......drinking water is easy - a lot of people do it. Good luck!


This is the last time!!
Everyone knows I am doing the diet so I don't need to hide the fact from them. We're going early evening as we all have kids and no hubbys here at the mo, so we figured taking the kids would be much easier than finding sitters. So, I'll just sit on the end of a table next to my little man and drink my water.
IFFFFFFFFF (and it's a HUGE if) I ever was going to break the diet in any ways, it'd be for something much more appealing than a bloody tuna salad lol!


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So, I'll just sit on the end of a table next to my little man and drink my water.
That is such a good decision! It'll really help you keep 100% long after the night is over and besides, there's going to be lots of time in the future to eat...just not now.

Good choice Jabba.:cool:
Good luck hun, and well done for deciding to stick 100%, you will definitely feel so much better when you have managed to resist the temptation. And we are all here to congratulate you when you do, let us know how it went.
Well done! and think of how good you'll feel next morning and at your next weigh in!

Tuna salad is a good option - but normally a home made one, as you never know what restaurants have added in! Dressings, tuna in oil etc etc etc

Enjoy the evening - and with the kids there you'll probably not have time to eat!!


This is the last time!!

Just got home, having watched 12 adults and 7 children devour an array of delicious looking, and even nicer smelling mexican food :cry:
However, note the 'watched' bit because I had 2 glasses of iced water and that was it. And believe me, I wanted it, I wanted it more than I thought possible, but i STILL denied the urge and am so proud of myself.


Well done Jabbathehut - I'm lucky not to have been in any really tempting situations like that - hope I'm as strong as you, when I am in one. x
hi - well done for being so strong. That will give you so much strength for any future temptations and just think if you carry on being so strong it won't be that long before you are maintaining and can have the odd treat!

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