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About time i joined!

Hey there, my names lynzi and im 24 years old, i started weight watchers back in march this year after deciding i really wasnt happy at stepping on the scales and seeing 17 stone 1! As well as being in size 22-24 clothes! I have always struggled with weight and must have attended ww and sw about 6 times over the years! Any who decided this time it was time to do it! I am now 7 months in and i have lost 48 pound and now looking forward to my 50 pound certificate (fingers crossed!) i always google how many points in... And always nick ideas off this site, so thanks, but as i am hitting that hard point i thought i would join for a lil extra support n ideas! I am now down to 13.10 and feel better than ever, now fittin in size 16 clothes after losin 13 inches up to now! My goal is 9 stone so still a long weigh to go but seem to be losin track a bit at this mid point! Put on 2 last week :-( but back on track!! Any how enough about me, look forward to chattin! X
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LOL, I'm always googling how many points in..... and nicking ideas off this site too!!
I think you're doing fantastically well and you're inspiring me to get on with it!
Google is the best! And this site and the people who post are a god send!! Lol and thank you :) if i can inspire one person my work here is done lol love the idea of the support! U deffo need to keep in touch now!! Lol we can check up on eachother! U can make sure my crisp arent sneakin in n i can make sure u stayin positive! Lol :) x
Sounds good to me, I need someone to keep me in check!
I'm heading to bed now (before I start feeling peckish and wander over to the bread bin!!!) LOL!
Hiya! How are u getting on?
I rejoined WW today after 10 weeks out and I'm only up 1lb.... Thrilled!
Hope to be down several lbs next week :)
Thats brilliant!! Well done!! Im gettin better as the week goes on lol startin to plan and been workin out all my points before and actually trackin! Lol been volleyball tnight and called in asda after where i wud have usually got loadsa rubbish but got ww pitta, turkey rashers and did it with mushrooms grilled obv! Toms n onion! And just finished off some grapes! Well impressed with me self lol, my weigh in is thursday so fingers crossed!! Lol are u a planner?? I find it difficult lol xx
Ooooh sounds like you're being very good and getting organised! I'm desperate - couldn't organise a p*ss-up in a brewery! I do try a little bit though. I made 0 point veg soup last week and froze it in individual bowls to bring to work ;) it's all gone now though so need to make some more!
Lol organisin is totally not me! Lol hence how i came to work with broken melba toast today! Lol love homemade soup! Lol how is it 0 points? Can u still use stock cube? Always imagine it as just free veg floatin around in water :-/ lol been right hungry today and there was a bowl of crisp in the kitchen at work which i initailly darted for the side stepped to the fruit kebabs! Happy with that! Lol do u have a desk job? Thats what i find find, pickin out of boredom lol x
Yep, desk job for me too, but it's busy, busy so easy not to think of food :)
The stock cube is 1 propoint but because I divide it into 5 portions, I don't count it. Maybe I should stick it in somewhere but I kinda reckon that .25 of a point a day is probably factored in somewhere else when I allow extra when I'm not sure. Never seems to have a bad effect overall anyway!

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