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About to begin.....advice please...

Hi everyone...

Well i am about to take the plunge and begin lipotrim, my weight has slowley crept up over the last three years from 8 stone to 10 1/2 stone which is pretty bad as i am only 5 ft 1.. i have four children 13,12,6,4. I did not realise i had put on so much weight until some pictures were taken on a night out and i could not believe how fat i looked...it looks worse as my legs are so skinny and i am carrying the weight around my middle, face and arms!!! not a good look, so i am now at a stage in my life where i find myself lieing to friends and family why i can't go on nights out etc because i just hate being out. I cant go clothes shopping without ending up in the changing room with tears in my eyes because i hate what i am seeing, And dont get me started on when the camara comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have tried weight watchers but became disheartend with losing a pound a week. So i decide to give lipotrim a go. A few people in the area i live have had amazing weight loss ( 2 of the 3 lost a stone in their first wk) .

What i really want to know (honestly) is just how bad it tastes......!!! (does that seem a really stupid thing to ask,) And have you any tips on how to make the whole thing easier.
Any advice most welcome..... I am going to get my first lot of sachets on friday so i will keep you informed...and i am also thinking of keeping a picture diary of my weight loss!!!!!
Thanks for taking the time to read my post
Kez xx
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Hey Kez, The milkshakes taste ok. At first i drank them in one go, but now i actually enjoy them so drink them slowly. I dont like the soup or the flapjacks, but they are worth a try as everyone likes different things.
Heya! congratulations on starting lipotrim, its great :) I am on my second week now!
The shakes are ok, the chocolate and strawberry tasted best to me, I couldn't stomach the vanilla, however, I just tried the chicken soup with a spoonful of chili powder in and it was delicious!! everyone is different.
This forum is absolutely wonderful for motivation and everyone is a friend! (plus, if you browse you can find some cheeky ways of making your shakes more fun, ie. using cold peppermint tea instead of water with your choc shake to make mint choc!)
Good luck!!
hiya Kez, I dont think the shakes are that bad to be honest, I expected worse but they do taste better after a while, they seem to becme sweeter (to me anyway) I think its as we cleanse our system we start to taste things better. Saying that I only go for the choc flavoured shakes and its funny cause I would never normally go for that flavour If I was buying a milk shake!? I think its worth getting a mixture and figure out which nes you like, my chemist said I could always change the flavours if I found there was any I didnt like in the first week. Althought the flapjacks are not very nice I do tend to take them for work and I find its nice just to chew smething!

My advice, would be take it in small steps and make small goals for each week/month. Dont compare your loss to others as everyone is different and I have seen people be disappointed as such and such lost x amount and they only y amount! Get me? i would also say when you reach said goals, treat yourself to something - non food related of course! Start lookng after you skin, induldge in bubbly baths and smother your skin in delish creams and potions! It'll help it keep firm.
My biggest advice would be og on here at every opportunity and just let your fingers type! Am sure people are fed up with me rabiting on and on but it really helps and always someone willing to listen and offer advice.

Best fo luck, you'll be back to your ideal weight in no time. xxx
Hi Kez nice to have you aboard, the LT diet is great and works but it needs 100% commitment from you. The first couple of week I struggled a little here and there, but now I find it just gets easier and easier.
All the shakes are ok I prefer the soup with pepper the others are too sweet for me, the peanut flapjack - well thats another story! I am going to try the coconut one this week, I will let you know?
I think I speak for most when I sayn the water intake can be a wee bit monotonous, but just get on with it as its very important in your LT diet.
This forum is an excellent source of information and insperation when your down, but also dont be ignorant and look every where for all the pro's and con's and always make your own mind up, because, with respect this forum is biased and I mean in a nice way.
Me personally am so glad I come across this diet as I really did not want to die, so I kicked myself up the arse and got on with it, this is my 5th week and I am happy.
Good luck and enjoy what ever you choose to do.

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