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About to begin.....advice please...

Hi everyone...

Well i am about to take the plunge and begin lipotrim, my weight has slowley crept up over the last three years from 8 stone to 10 1/2 stone which is pretty bad as i am only 5 ft 1.. i have four children 13,12,6,4. I did not realise i had put on so much weight until some pictures were taken on a night out and i could not believe how fat i looked...it looks worse as my legs are so skinny and i am carrying the weight around my middle, face and arms!!! not a good look, so i am now at a stage in my life where i find myself lieing to friends and family why i can't go on nights out etc because i just hate being out. I cant go clothes shopping without ending up in the changing room with tears in my eyes because i hate what i am seeing, And dont get me started on when the camara comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have tried weight watchers but became disheartend with losing a pound a week. So i decide to give lipotrim a go. A few people in the area i live have had amazing weight loss ( 2 of the 3 lost a stone in their first wk) .

What i really want to know (honestly) is just how bad it tastes......!!! (does that seem a really stupid thing to ask,) And have you any tips on how to make the whole thing easier.
Any advice most welcome..... I am going to get my first lot of sachets on friday so i will keep you informed...and i am also thinking of keeping a picture diary of my weight loss!!!!!
Thanks for taking the time to read my post
Kez xx
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:):) Hi Kez, welcome to the LT forum. Lipotrim is a brilliant diet with almost instant results. I've been on the plan for 3 weeks and have lost 18.5 lb. I must admit that the first 3 days were strange, but after that it has become surprisingly easy. The shakes don't taste that bad, I like the strawberry, chocolate, and the chicken soup. Not very keen on the vanilla. I havent tried and of the chew bars as I've heard they are horrible. Using a peppermint t bag used with the chocolate tastes quite like mint options, mmmm, and using some chilli flakes or curry powder with the chicken soup adds a bit of variety. And of course the all important water water water, I've found that I only get feelings of hunger when I've not drunk enough. I think the diet is brill, and would recommend it to anyone. I hope you find these words helpful and wish you well and lots of weight loss. Good luck. Fi x
S: 16st11lb C: 16st2lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 36.5 Loss: 0st9lb(3.83%)
Hi, I am also hoping to start LT. I am back at the doctors tomorrow for blood tests, I am presuming this is to make sure all is ok for me to begin. I am slightly worried about the non eating part, will be very strange! I have heard bits about LT and CD. Most seem to say the CD has more flavours but the GP as far as I know only has nurses to watch over me on LT!
Good luck and keep us posted, its nice to find a forum like this.
Hi guys

I started on LT and did it for 2 weeks before moving to CD.

Honestly the shakes dont' taste bad - being honest they don't taste of much at all. I just got bored with it and moved to CD for the extra flavours. Reading the forum some people like the blandness of LT as it helped them switch off from food. LT themselves say the shakes are kept bland on purpose for this reason. Lets face it there is no way you are going to binge on LT chocolate milkshakes!

However after 2 weeks I was bored to death and was having to make myself have my shake so I went to CD.

I think it is personal really - some do better on LT, some on CD depending on whether you want the extra flavour or not. They are both about the same nutrition wise if you are on CD sole source but CD has the advantage of different plans ranging in calorie intake so you can eat on CD as well if you want.

CD is also a bit more expensive than LT.
Support wise it depends on who is supplying the CD or the Lipotrim. There are some very good and bad CD counsellors and the same can be said for pharmacists who do LT.

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