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Absolutely gutted!

Hi everyone

I am absolutely gutted, im on day 15 of lipotrim and have lost 8 kilos! Over the weekend i have felt quite ill and have had no energy at all. I have been drinking 3 litres of water a day but have just felt so rubbish like i can hardly muster the energy to walk.

I went for my weigh in this morning and had lost 5lb which really should have spurred me on i know. I think i have just blown it because i was making my daugters tea and had a small (it really was small) piece of cathedral city cheese !!!

I just felt like i had to do it and now feel so bad. I just feel like im spaced out all the time and just want to sleep.

I see so many encouraging posts on here and am struggling to see how i am going to continue this week.

I know there are no excuses and i didnt need to eat it but i have and keep thinking thats it now i hv lost my motivation....

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Thinking back to when I did the atkins diet (which was also all about being in ketosis) I think you were allowed cheese and you were def allowed chicken. Cheese had to be eaten in moderation though (I think due to calorie content) So neither of you have prob done much damage.

Best thing is to get striaght back on TFR and not be swawed from your path to a lighter you!
The cheese is unlikely to have knocked you out of ketosis, so, don't fall into the trap of thinking you've ruined it anyway & may as well carry on eating! Just draw a line under it & carry on with TFR!

Well done on your losses so far! :) You're not that far in, you may still be adjusting & feel better soon!

Good luck!

It's not the end of the world just think if you were not on this diet, what would you have eaten? Don't beat yourselves up just get back on it and if you really don't think you can think about doing he maintenance ( not sure how it works) maybee have two shakes and one meal, I'm sure someone can advise you or take a look at the LT web site!!Good luck both!!


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cheese and ham are both low carb and won't have taken you out of ketosis. Just carry on and you will be fine. Good luck with this weeks weigh in :)

irish molly

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Just have to agree with the other posts. When tempted, in future, just go take a few sips of water before you give in and see how you feel about wanting to eat. 80% of the time we feel hungry, our bodies are actually looking for water not food.
The tiredness and feeling crappy will come and go. IF possible take things a little easier at these times. Remember your body is running on very few calories whilst on LT. take care xxxx

Thanks everyone for your replies.

I have woken up this morning feeling so much better and hoping my motivation has returned.

Think it was just because i was feeling so tired that made me want to eat something in the hope i would feel better. I hope i wont fall into that trap again.

I cant believe how quickly the weight has come off, i know it will slow down to much less but it gives you such a boost.

The pharmacist has said she may talk about putting me on the maintenance plan next week if im still feeling so tired all the time. I hope i carry on feeling better and can succeed like so many of you on here have done. Its not even a feeling of hunger but just missing the social side of eating with the rest of my family that seems to be playing with my mind.

Im going to keep going at least for another two weeks which will be four in total and then see if i can then try the maintenance to shift the last few pounds.

A big thanks to everyone on here who stopped me completely blowing it last night and well done to all of you for your great losses your a real inspiration.



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mandie 35, you have done great with your weight loss so far. Trully inspiring. It is very tempting when you have to cook for family. My pharmacist told me when i was having a bad/hard day to cook something which they like that I don't. Spag bol!! Which I would never eat. I did say to her, I can't cook them spag bol, everyday till I finished my journey lol otherwise they would hate it as much as me :) Take one day at a time, thats me. As I have such a long journey.

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